Daredevil Season 2 was heroic and grim

Even though I can be very geeky, I am not very much into superheroes. I do not have a very rational reason for this, but I just feel like it is not very special to have been given powers one day and good luck with them. Also, I think superhero stories are often way too over the top and old-fashioned. My favorite superhero of all is Batman, who -indeed geeks, calm down!- does not have any super powers (well, depending on which Batman you pick of course). Batman is just a rich guy that has all these special items to help him out. He has to help the city of Gotham (city of justice, city of love, R Kelly, really?) and his stories are nice and grim, I like that.

And looking at all the other superheroes, I like Thor in the Avengers movies and I absolutely adored Star-Lord, but in both cases it is more the actor than the character that I am rooting for. Anyway, I am just not very much into superheroes. I like comics, but I read the ones that are not about famous superheroes (unless it is Batman, but even his comics sometimes get too superhero-y). But, my boyfriend happens to be very much into the superheroes that I do not specifically love, so he teaches me about them more and that makes me appreciate them a bit more than I would usually.

This results in us watching a lot of superhero series. I was very happy to discover we both dislike Arrow and Gotham, but that we do enjoy Jessica Jones and Daredevil. And as the new, second season of the series popped up on Netflix last week, we have watched them all over the weekend and the past few days. Even though we had heard that it was not the most amazing season/series ever and/or it was going to be more superhero-y, we both really liked it. I think we liked it for very different reasons, but it really is an enjoyable season.

I liked that Karen Page finally was a bit more than just the secretary, which I thought was a bit annoying in the first season. She is still a bit insecure sometimes, but at least she has the balls to just get things done and she pursues a career, no matter if it is what everyone pictured she would do. I cannot stop looking at the shape of Boardwalk Empire heartthrob Charlie Cox, but that could also be because I do not really like his new suit with the red eye things. I still do not associate anything devilish with him, so the horns seem a bit over the top to me.


He was a bit of an a-hole in this season anyway, especially towards the end, it was hard to stand him. Thankfully he was surrounded by women that are very interesting. Even though Electra is a bit too attention whorey, she at least has a killer bod (see what I did there? πŸ˜‰ ) and excellent fighting skills. But my favorite women of all is obviously Rosario Dawson. I am still waiting for her to put on a superhero suit, but according to my boyfriend that won’t happen because she is a nurse so in a way she already is a superhero. Which was a very cute thing of him to say, although I wonder if I made that up πŸ˜›

I liked how characters from the first season made an appearance again, and I really loved the introduction of Punisher. Sometimes they took his trauma a bit too far, but in general Jon Bernthal really fit the part very well. He was black and blue all season, but I really liked his way of thinking and Daredevils way of thinking and how they could talk about it together and respect each others ways. I can imagine other people might find that a bit over the top, but I kinda liked that part of self-reflection, if I may call it that.

I liked the trial too, although it could have been bigger and more if you’d ask me. But still the combination of court trials and tribulations and the fighting and life of Daredevil was very interesting and fun to watch. This sounds a bit sexist, but I think this season was really enjoyable for couples, because even if you are not much into superheroes, you still have some court action. There was also some romance, although it was overshadowed by the deceit kinda behaviour a bit. But still, I think that a lot of types of people could get something out of it, not just the geeks that see San Diego Comic-Con as their Mecca (as they should!).

There are reasons why I would like the first season better; with the whole setup of the law firm et cetera, but this second season was full of action (that man loves fighting in hallways doesn’t he?) without being too distracting for me. Plus, the action was very brutal, which is something I liked too. It was very visual and gorey and there is one scene that I did not see because I just could not at the screen (I handle gore very well, but not when it involves eyes or nails). And last but not least, I could understand the story pretty well. When I read superhero comics I always feel like I have missed a lot, even when I start with a volume 1 of something. But not in Daredevil the series: I understood what he was doing 90 per cent of the time, so: thumbs up. This is definitely a series to watch this Easter weekend. It is not amazing and the quality is not excellent, but it is very entertaining and fun none the less.

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