Walt Disney Wednesday: Cinderella

Cinderella (1950)

Many can relate to this: a ‘simple’ girl dreaming of a fairytale life. Cinderella is a housemaid for her bitchy stephmother and daughters. There’s a ball because the king is looking for a wife for his son. Cinderella tries everything to make it. Even magic..

The weird thing is that Cinderella seems to be more about the talking mice and the Tom and Jerry-like game they play with the evil housecat. It’s a pity, because Cinderella (Ilene Woods) sings beautifully and I wanted to know more about the prince. Cinderella is a lovely fairytale-movie, but not the best Disney flick.



This 100 words or less review has been brought to you by PsychoUnicorn. 🙂

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