The eyebrows of Twin Peaks

It took me a while to finally finish it all, but we are close to the ending of the (extremely long) second season of Twin Peaks. Especially now that David Lynch is on board for a new season (or it is a remake) of Twin Peaks, I really wanted to be ‘in the know’ of all that happened in the first two seasons. Now, the first season is amazing, it was totally pulling me in from the start, but the second season… I think ‘derailed’ is the right way of putting it.

This is not me criticizing David Lynch, cause I can imagine it is very hard to keep up the quality and style of a series (if you would want that) that is so huge. But the second season is two to three times longer than the first, and the characters are mostly in need of psychological help (or I am, for not understanding them at all). But, I do love our hero, Special Agent Cooper. Anytime he enters that coffee shop, it takes me back to that place I know and I like to be at.

And there is another reason I love it when he visits the coffee place. It is the fact that there are woman working there. This sounds creepy, but it is really not. At least, I think it isn’t 😉 Maybe it is my trichotillomania speaking, but I am totally infatuated by the eyebrows in Twin Peaks. They are all so gorgeous! Or let’s not generalize, most of them are amazing, especially those of the women in that little spooky town called Twin Peaks.

I cannot help myself but stare at those amazing brows. Was it a 90’s thing? Will that trend ever return (I am totally not feeling that block brow thing ‘we’ are supposed to do these days)? And, how do I do this? Their eyebrows are sexy, well shaped and simply perfect: every time! Let me show you what I mean:


Haha, I just found out I am not the only one that has her eyes on the brows. Buzzfeed even has an article on the best brows in town: “The most incredible eyebrows” with a very righteous winner: Audrey Horne. My gosh, so well-shaped! There are also a lot of beauty blogs about recreating those brows, so maybe I should watch a tutorial or two to get the hang of it. Though it is more drawing than tweezering in my case, who knows how ‘Horney’ I can get them? (haha, how bad was that pun?!).


No need for the pun to be honest, cause I actually prefer Shelly Johnsons eyebrows, they are a bit more natural to me. 😉


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