How Modern Family went from annoying to amazing

My boyfriend once told me that there was this series from the United States which we should absolutely watch together. He was very well informed about my background (a minor in gender studies), so to make the offer more appetizing he said there was also a gay couple involved, just before saying: Oh and the guy that played Al Bundy is in it too, which sounds worse than it actually is.

Little did I know, that when we started watching Modern Family, it was not the handling of the gay people that annoyed me (cause that actually is done pretty gracious if you ask me, but I am not a gay man) nor the presence of the man who used to play the most awful character in sitcom history (yes, worse than any of the characters starring in Joey!). It was Sofia Vergara.

In the first one, maybe two, seasons of Modern Family, she is mostly portrayed as the extremely hot Latina with an awful voice who just yells all the time. I could not stand that combination. Obviously I have nothing against Latino people, but the way she was portrayed as a bit dumb, always having her boobs very well placed in the shot and then that awful screeching of hers, argh!

It was just too much annoyance for me to really enjoy the show. So we decided that my boyfriend would watch it without me, which was pretty OK. The only problem was that he tended to watch it before he went to sleep, and as we are one of those old fashioned couples that still sleeps in the same bed, the voice of Sofia Vergara was still haunting me. Waking me up, and making me even more grumpy then when I used to watch it too.

So I made my boyfriend wear headphones when he watched it, but he kept on saying that it really was an awesome show and sometimes I did watch a bit with him still, and then I did kinda like it. So when Sofia Vergara was less dumb yelling latina and more loveable less screaming latina, I really started to be okay with her. And that opened a whole new world, cause now I could actually enjoy the series.

I am not an easy person when it comes to comedy. I hardly laugh about it, but I do appreciate jokes sometimes (sorry, I often just feel like their not very original). In Modern Family I appreciated the jokes a lot of the time, because there are so many characters from different ages and personalities to love. Sometimes you notice you have more in common with Alex, sometimes it is clumsy Phil that feels like he might be your biological father; the resemblance often is striking!

And now that we are what, 6 seasons later, it really has become one of my favorite comedy shows of all time. It is sooo well written, it just keeps being fresh and original; they really do an amazing job on it. The only thing I do think is a bit sad, is that the kids are growing up now, although there are two little ones left to be extremely inappropriate of course 😉

Modern Family to me is just very real. Especially the episode which is viewed solely from the viewpoint of Claires laptop is one of my favorites of all time. It is exactly how I roll too, which makes it very easy to connect with. Though obviously I do not have kids getting themselves and me into trouble, and I have a lot more Word docs opened on my computer, how she works on her laptop is pretty much how I work during my day job and my evening jobs 😉

So, if you have not yet started watching Modern Family, or you might even have stopped watching very swiftly due to screaming women, please start watching again, it is really worth your time.

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