What I liked about Batman vs Superman

You have probably heard about it: Batman vs Superman is not the best movie the world has ever seen. People have started petitions to get Zack Snyder off any DC related movies and there is even a very funny/bad/cute (?) video circulating on the internet with the saddest looking Ben Affleck you have ever seen. Even though everybody told me not to, I still went to the cinema to check it out. Like many people actually, because for some reason it still feels odd not to go and see it.

Plus, I like the grimmer side of super heroes, so I thought I might like it more than other people. Plus, I do not mind looking at Henry Cavill, I think he is an excellent Clark Kent. Ben Affleck I am not so sure about, he is an incredible director and Gone Girl was amazing, but as a person with all the rumors of his divorce: I do not know…

Anyway, I indeed did not like the movie that much. My biggest struggle with it was Lex Luthor. I already found him super annoying in the trailer, and unfortunately the movie was just more of that argh-feeling. I know villains should be a bit annoying, they are not the good guys after all, but he was just straight up uncharming, whereas The Joker in most movies and even Penguin are usually portrayed a lot better.

In this blog I’d like to tell you what I thought was good about the movie. Heck, I’m going to make a top three out of it:

  1. The grimness
    Even though they sometimes took it a bit too far with the darkness of the movie, especially in all those nightmarish dreams of Batfleck, I am still happy it was grim. I loved how they showed the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, with the pearls on the gun (even though they obviously thought themselves too that is was amazing). And just the whole gloominess is very attractive to me. I do not like superhero movies that are super unserious and very ridiculous, I’d rather go for the sad stuff.
  2. Wonder Woman
    Second thing that I really like to address is Wonder Woman. Even though my boyfriend described her as the poster girl for the upcoming DC flicks, I really liked her presence in the movie. First she has a bit of a Bond Girl-esque role, but later she is a full fletched superheroine with a shield, an awesome suit and an excellent face alltogether. Could she have been a bit bigger : sure, but I do not think getting a Xena-like body is reachable for someone so petite as Gal Gadot. I mean, have you seen her in the Fast & Furious? I think she did a very good job, she is a pretty rough chick and the movie did honor Wonder Woman by giving her a pretty interesting role.
  3. Drazic
    Haha, I bet you did not see this one coming, my favorite thing about this movie is that there was a lot of Drazic in it. In case you do not know who Drazic is: he was a character in Heart Break High, this high school teen drama from Australia I used to be totally hooked on when I was in my pre-teens. He was the bad boy with the semi-good heart and the eyebrow piercing and I totally had the hots for him. Drazic was played by Callan Mulvey.

    I was very surprised when watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as I thought I’d seen him in that flick. But he looked a bit rougher around the edges and he did not sound very Australian anymore. However, looking Callan Mulvey up on IMDB I saw that it was him. But then I also read that he had been in an accident and he was kind of getting back in the saddle.

    Well, that saddle must feel quite good for him, because now he has a very important part in Batman vs Superman. He has almost got more screentime than Lex Luthor! I think he is excellent, even as a Russian, and he is still an extremely good looking guy. So my heartthrob of when I was 8 years old, is still taking my breath away now that I am twenty years older. He is a very talented actor, so I am happy that he fought himself back after this mad accident and that he gets parts in both Marvel and DC movies. Ha!

    I am curious to know if there are other people out there that did find a few loveable things about Batman vs Superman!

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