So, how is that no spend March going?

As you could have read at the end of February, I was trying to make my new job that I started on March 1st, a reason to make a fresh start in my life. I wanted to start eating more healthy, work on my fat body and last but not least: not spend any money on clothes and stuff.

Did I succeed yet? Not entirely, but I am very happy with the results until thus far. Thanks to my job I do not really shop online that much anymore, because I am very busy with working, processing information and when I get home I am just writing, writing, writing. I also noticed that I do not feel the urge to shop that much anymore. I still look at the newsletters I get, but I simply do not allow myself to be seduced by the items. I do not really feel like I need any of those things. I have enough clothes for work at the moment, so I do not really need a lot.

I must say though, there are still some packages from February coming in, which might make it easier for me to not shop because there is still new stuff arriving at my home, but it is not that much and I have no problem returning things either. And not buying much also makes my urge to buy things go away, which is awesome. And at work I sometimes get little things, like for example chocolates this week, and seeds for planting vegetables last week. It sounds a bit silly, but these little surprises make me very happy.

And I feel happier in general, even though at home I am going through some awful sh_t that I am not yet sure will end well, my brain is pretty upbeat. And I think that it is a golden combination of things: I cycle to work, I eat healthier, I eat less and my overall bodily feeling (if that is a thing) is just very good. I have almost got an extra hour in the morning, and that makes me so much more relaxed than having to get up out of bed tired and leave in a rush.

My job is pretty awesome too, the time goes by fast, I really get along very well with my colleagues, even though there is some stress around jobs because of this stuff happening (including my job which might be at stake too), I am absolutely certain I made the right choice when picking this company to work for, instead of the other one that offered 500 euros a month more in salary. Being in that building, working, walking around, it just makes me feel like I matter, which sounds a bit sad or something, but it actually is not. Feels like I am contributing.

I did spend a little money at Primark, but to my own surprise it was only 50 euros, for some work clothes. What helps a lot by the way, is that in the weekends I will clean up my closet and hang stuff that I am going to wear every day. So full outfits, so there is no real stress in the morning of what to wear. And, it is way more relaxing not having to stress about that. I really enjoy my life a lot right now, and it is a feeling I hope to stick to for a very long time. 🙂

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