Review: Lush Holly Golightly Bubble Bar

As I am still working on my 12 Days of Christmas Lush giftset, today was the day to try out the Lush Holly Golightly Bubble Bar, which I have already called Holy Golightly and Holly Golighty: it is a difficult name. The funny thing is that I did not know Holly was more than a name: it is a plant! I know the Dutch name for this very Xmassy plant, but now I have learned the English one too, hihi.


This bubble bar is very wintery, with its silver glitter all over and then the Holly plant on top. It does however, put glitter all over your body, before it has even reached the bath. As soon as you take it from its packaging, your hands are glittery all over. As soon as you put this lovely bubble bar, which are usually my favorite because of the rich foam they create, the bath is fully green with a lot of silver glitter. It is a very magical look.

It does not really describe in the little booklet what is in the bubble bar, but it smells a lot like the Hot Toddy shower gel. It has a very nice and Christmassy blend of clove leaf, cinnamon leaf and patchouli. An incredible smell that will be around you for the rest of your evening. The glitter though, that goes away together with the bath water.


By the way, I do not just love the bubble bars because of the foam, but also the texture is lovely. I love how the bar melts in water, but is also a bit crumbly so you can hold a few crumbs in your hands and see them desintigrate in the water, although that is not a very nice way of putting it perhaps 😉

I really love this bubble bar, it has been around for a few years now I think, and it is amazing. It is totally the whole Christmas spirit put into one lovely bath ball. It has a good and rich scent, a great look, lovely texture and it makes your bath full of glitter! Now who does not want a bath full of glitter fun? Exactly.


I am not sure if it is possible to just buy this bubble bar separetly, but I think you can, during the Xmas time at Lush (which is just before the ONE time a year sale that Lush has, so keep an eye out this December). It would make a lovely gift, not just for a friend, but also for yourself as this bar really gives you a moment to relax, a little me-time and an awesome smell.

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