How To Be Single is fun, but that’s all

Even though she always gets typecasted and I do not particularly love comedy that mostly revolves around genitalia, I really like Rebel Wilson. Is it because I am a bit fat and she is one of the five people in Hollywood that is actually a bit bigger and still successful? Probably, but it is also because she has a cool accent, she seems superfun to be around and she is just the life of the party and therefor the comic relief in a movie.

The fact that I saw her on the poster – and Leslie Mann who I totally love even though I cannot quite put my finger on it what draws me to this woman so much- and that the movie was in the ‘Ladies Night’ made me happy to buy tickets for this Ladies Night. I went there with my colleague but more friend Monika, which was another reason to be happy it was How To Be Single, cause the cinema company Pathe uses way too many Dutch movies for Ladies Night and Monika is Indian and she does not live here long enough to understand my ugly and difficult language yet. Plus, I would not go to Ladies Night for a Dutch movie, unless Monika would make me go.

Anyway! So the movie was chosen and beforehand I was a bit afraid that all the ladies would end up married, as it has a bit of a romcommy feel to it, How to be single? Thankfully it was not that bad (and that is the only thing I will spoil!) so eventually it was a very fun movie. Sure, it was super predictable and there were not many things that were really surprising, but what I did like about it very much was the fantasy world they had created in this flick.

Or at least it would be a fantasy of mine, having your own apartment in the middle of New York, start afresh in a new job, making new friends, doing whatever you want whenever, always looking amazing, having the cutest conversations with guys; it all sounds great. Even though the movie tried hard to make single life look a bit sad anyway, I still felt like: what the heck 50 Shades of Grey – actress (sorry, I cannot let it go!), you have an amazing life right now, why are you still talking to your ex? Do a cooking class, lay in bed all day, do all those fun single girl things!

Still it is a fantasy though, because even though everything looks like it is so easy: she still has to go to a job she probably mildly dislikes because that apartment does not pay for itself. Also, she has to think about what place to go to for getting a tan without being filmed by some creep. She still has to do groceries, cook, clean up, and do all those things that usually keep you from being a bubbly careless chick all the time. And that is something that movies usually don’t show. It would not be very appetizing anyway, seeing Dakota Johnson on the loo for half an hour because she drank too much.

But isn’t it nice to just crawl into that fantasy for just a bit? Dream about that city life in America, being able to do whatever you want whenever you want, feeling free and independent? I think the movie really goes for this feeling and they are doing a pretty good job at it. Plus they put a lot of very relatable things in there, for me it was the aversion of babies that Leslie Manns character had, but also the fact that Dakota’s character was a girl who was in a relationship for so long, she did not really recognize who she was on her own anymore. And then there were a lot of girly relatable things, especially with Alison Brie’s character who is just working in her pyjamas, which would be exactly what I would do in her place.

Anyway, the fact that this movie is one that I would not score a low grade, is that it simply makes you feel happy. All the storylines end pretty nicely and as I said there are a lot of moments that are kind of recognizable and that is lovely. But it is also totally boring and predictable at the same time. And there too many jokes about certain body parts? Absolutely, but it was still a cool evening with a friend in the cinema, which I would not have liked missing. For guys that think they are very manly, they will probably really dislike How to be Single, but if you are a woman, no matter if you are single or not; check this flick out when it pops up on Netflix or something, it is a nice feel good flick, go for it!

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