I am not going to spend money an entire month

As I have mentioned before I am starting a new job soon. My new job is a lot closer to my home which means I have more time left to write, but it also means I will be able to cycle to work which would be a very healthy habit. As this new job is a whole fresh start for me, I am keen on trying to make some changes to the rest of my life as well. I cannot wait to start my new job from scratch, being able to take everything I have learned in my old job and make sure to archive well, store important information in one good place et cetera. Focus!

In my own life I would like to live more healthy, which mostly means not eating Star Bucks chocolate cake for lunch and working on my body a bit more. I have started taking hip hop classes twice a week, but now that I have the opportunity to cycle to work I really want to start doing that too, even though headwind makes me super aggressive. And last but not least, I have been trying to change my spending habits a bit. It is still hard for me to resist newsletters from my favorite stores saying 30 per cent off and free shipping, but sometimes I just fill a shopping cart and then deliberately close the window, never to return, mwhahaha!

I could do better with that though, especially the last month has been so full of SALE! that I could not resist buying a few things here and there. And placing an order online usually means spending 50 to 100 euros, if not more, so I am getting poorer and poorer. But then I read this article on Hello Giggles: I tried spending nothing for a month. It was very nicely written and I feel like it is very honest. And that honesty, showing that this first world problem is not easy and that there are still backlashes, is really inspiring to me.

It made me realise I need a month like that as well, and impulsive as I am I have picked March to be that month. When I am changing my life anyway, let’s do it all! One of the things I spend a lot of useless money on, is things like cake from Starbucks, a little Kinder Bueno when waiting on the train; it’s unhealthy, it’s expensive and in the end does it really bring me joy? Nope. As I will no longer be travelling by train to work, and I will not have to go to one of the train stations in the Netherlands that has the most shops, I should be able to cut back on that a lot.

I should check my calendar on what I have planned for March, cause there could be things I will need to spend money on, but until thus far it seems pretty quiet month, although Easter Weekend is going to be tricky: Dutch Comic Con. I think I will be assisting on a few stands, so I might be okay, and I did not buy a lot last year, but I might allow myself to spend 50 euros there. Good if I don’t, but not too huge of a problem if I do as long as I keep it under 50 euros.

It feels like I am going to have a fresh wind blowing through my life and that is exciting. I have read the Konmari book and I know there is a lot of stuff I absolutely do not need. It feels good to get rid of things, and I have already discarded 5 garbage bags full of stuff, but also working on not buying new items seems pretty important to keep the house Konmari, if that is even a sentence.

I am very afraid of this month of March, but I am also excited to hopefully be able to make some real changes in my life that are very necessary and would be very good for me. Being wealthier and healthier, hurray and fingers crossed 😉

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