Comic Review – Blue is the Warmest Colour

I am still not entirely sure if this comic is called Blue is the Warmest Colour or Blue is the Warmest Color, but either way, this is a marvellous coming of age comic that you should read. It is not a coincidence that there was a movie made of this comic, cause it is well written and totes adorable!

I know that you might thing comics are a bit expensive these days, I would still want to have this book in my collection. Sure it is not the longest comic ever, you are through it in half an hour to one hour. I would advise you to not read it all at once, but read a few pages before you go to bed, so you will enjoy this beautiful story a bit longer.

So Blue is the Warmest Color is about a girl that goes to school and is dating this senior student. Everytime they are going to have sex, she does not want to cause it just does not feel right. Slowly she discovers a side of her that she is too afraid to show, but then Emma comes into her life to make it all a lot easier, but a lot harder at the same time.


I don’t want to spoil too much, so this is all about the story. I do however would like to express my appreciation of the chosen style. It is not a drawing style that I am particularly drawn to, but what I like about it is that it’s all in black and white, except for the hair of Emma and a few other blue things that are important to the story. The characters are mostly pretty androgynous, so the blue hair really sticks out. And indeed in this story you learn why blue suddenly would be a warmest color.

One thing that is a bit odd about this comic, is that the translation is not always very optimal. It is translated from French, as it is a French comic, but sometimes there is a sentence that seems a bit off or odd. I don’t mind it because I am not a native English speaker, but if you are you might notice a few oddities. I think it fits with the story though, it is cute that it is all a bit clumsy.

Even though I have read this comic pretty swiftly and all at once, it still made me teary-eyed at the end. Even though it is a very familiar story, especially these days, it is still such a touching story. Plus, the problem I sometimes have with comics that I feel like I missed something or that the changes from one setting to another are a bit crazy, I did not have this time. It is very straightforward, and it is made very clear when and where we are in that window.

It does not matter if you are a girl or a guy, I bet you will love this sweet story just as much as I do. If you have any further thoughts on it, leave them in the comments! 🙂

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