The Walking Dead – Full steam ahead!

My boyfriend and I are usually very much up to speed with series. We don’t really watch one episode and then wait for a week; we are binge-watchers. The Walking Dead however, is a series that we do not always binge-watch. To be more specific, we stopped watching it for a while.

Let me start by saying that I think The Walking Dead is an awesome invention by comic book writer Robert Kirkman. I have started reading the comics when I was 1 or 2 seasons into the TV show and I absolutely love how the series and the comics are not entirely the same, but still both have the same qualities. Or well, almost the same, cause the tv series sometimes has some downtime, even though the comic is amazing in a somewhat more steady pace.

The Walking Dead on tv usually offers one amazing season, to continue with a less awesome season, and then an amazing one again, and so on. I love the first introductory season, but then there was this period in Rick Grimes’ life where everybody around him was just crying and moping all the time. The same happened in the season before the season that is currently on; they were all a bit lost, everybody was depressed and there was hardly any room for any happiness of fun.

So my boyfriend and I slowed down the pace in which we were watching the show, to end up not watching it for almost a full year. Thankfully during our holiday in Vietnam I could make him watch it again, cause as I have read the comics I knew there were some gruesome things coming up and I was very curious to see what the tv show would do with those situations.

And I must say, as soon as our survivors came into Alexandria, the series was full steam ahead again and it is so enjoyable, I have a hard time telling my boyfriend NO we cannot watch another one as I have to sleep for the 5 hours that are left of the night đŸ˜‰ Even though not everybody loves zombies, I still think everyone should give this show a chance. Especially because the walkers aren’t even the biggest issue in this show, it’s usually the humans that form the biggest threat for our tough friends. So, if you haven’t watched The Walking Dead yet, I would recommend you start.

When we are up to speed we will check out Fear the Walking Dead -which does not sound very appetizing (the title is bad, Kirkman never wrote anything PRE-Walking Dead and it does not get excellent reviews if I am not mistaking, so..)- and when we’re ready I will definitely let y’all know what I think of that. Before that, just try The Walking Dead, cause even though it is not freaking brilliant, it is a highly entertaining show worth your time.

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