The 5th Wave is an unpleasant surprise

So the Fifth Wave is not yet release in Europe, but I could get to see it already. I now know why it has not been released in Europe first; it is not good. If you remember the movie The Village, which had a super horror-y trailer but then the movie turned out to be way different? I mean, I loved The Village and the twist in it (even though I am the only one on this planet, I think it is because I totally fell in love with Bryce Dallas Howard), but The Fifth Wave has a twist like that but into the wrong genre.

So if you have seen the trailer, you will see that Chloe Moretz is this tough girl that has to survive in a world that is attacked by alien lifeforms. They don’t present themselves in their true form, but they attack the world by making disasters happen. The first wave meant that all electronics stopped working, the second the birds spread a virus, the third there were tsunamis that destroy the world. In the trailer you see that with the Big Ben in London, even though as in all of these kind of movies, it furthermore feels like this disaster is only happening in the USA. Even when they say that it is on the whole planet, or worldwide, you only see a map of the USA on screen 😛

Anyway, I love Chloe Moretz so I did really want to see this flick. Plus, it seemed like an exciting movie! Boy was I wrong. At first it was pretty intense and good, because Chloe is a girl that can act! But.. I already noticed it might be bad when I saw the guy that plays her dad: Ron Livingston. I am very sorry for the guy, but he simply does not play in excellent movies really..

It is very hard to write about this movie without spoiling anything, because of this weird twist, so I won’t. But I can say that other twists are so obvious, that there is just nothing left to be very enticing about this movie. I went to the movie with my family in a cinema and we simply sometimes looked at each other laughing because it was so bizarre. Let’s just say, think about the movies that are very popular these days, and you will probably guess what this flick ends up being. It is just very sad and I cannot believe Chloe Moretz took the job for that…

In the beginning I thought this would be like the video game The Last Of Us, but it definitely wasn’t. So, my best advice I can give you this year, is to not see this movie, it is dreadful and painful to see Chloe in a movie like this…

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