Trainwreck is so freaking awesome

Trainwreck is such an awesome flick, it is definitely one that belongs to PsychoUnicorns Faves. PsychoUnicorns Faves is something I have just imagined, which would be like Oprah’s book club you know, some kind of seal of approval. Although in my case it is just a case of: this thing/movie/game is something that PsychoUnicorn really loves and you might like it too.

So as Trainwreck was one of my favorite movies from 2015, I’d like to review it! Enjoy!

Trainwreck; it is a beautiful English word, that simply means: f-ing things up time and time again. This is also the case for Amy, the leading character of this film. She is played by Amy Schumer (Inside Amy Schumer) and they share the same first name, as this movie is losely based on her life. That sounds sad, but it is actually very funny.

The fact that Amy Schumers life has a lot in common with that of Trainwreck-Amy, does not mean the actrice/comedian held the reigns in the making of this movie. She might play the leading role and has written the script; the director is Judd Apatow (Knocked Up). It’s the first time Apatow is the director of something he has not written himself. And for Amy it is the first time she plays the lead in a movie. That may sound like something unstable, but the outcome is a lot more solid than you’d expect.

The first one to thank for that is Amy Schumer herself. As a comedian/actress she’s a rising star in Hollywood, even though she is not very well-known yet. But, since Inside Amy Schumer is on Comedy Central, her career really took off. She does not really overact on her character; it is easy to place yourself in Amy’s shoes. That is very well played by Schumer, as she is not really the standard female lead. For example she is not a good girl, she kinda is the ‘man’ in the relationship. She is a boorish chick that drinks liters of booze a day, which she sometimes needs because she works for the FHM type guys magazine called S’nuff.

Her job is pretty important in the story, as she has to interview the famous sports doctor Aaron (Bill Hader, InsideOut). From the trailer on it was obvious the two would end up in bed together. What you actually don’t know, is that the movie does not include the famous parts from the trailer. That is very surprising, an example would be the wrestler Steven (John Cena, The Marine). One moment in the trailer he is doing Amy, laying on top of her, talking about his own body in a very excited way. In the movie, the conversation is about totally different things! Very original and pretty smart, because the movie -that is pretty predictable- gets way less predictable.

The fact that Trainwreck is very predictable, is because it is a romcom in the end. It is not one of those cutesy Jennifer Aniston-esque romcoms with a clumsy weddingplanner, a fight during the removal of the cushions from the bed and a dramatic kiss in the rain. But, especially in the second half of the movie Trainwreck does follow the typical path to love. That is a bit of a let-down, as Amy does all things just a little bit differently. She does not give the answers you’d expect and she also does not always make the best choices.

To explain a little bit more about the interesting persona that is Amy, I’d like to give the example of a conversation between her and her working friend Nikki (Vanessa Bayer, Despicable Me 2). The ladies are thinking out loud (while on the toilet) about what character of Johnny Depp they would do. It is the perfect example of what to expect in this movie; a lot of jokes that take things a tad too far, with a lot of sexual references and unexpected subjects. Every few minutes something happens or something is being said that will make you laugh. Especially Daniel Radcliffes role was hilarious, but I will not reveal any more about that! 🙂 See it for yourself.

The movie shows a good insight in how the life of a twenty to fourty year old could look like these days. People have become a lot more individualistic, but at the same time they are very outgoing. Young people might be very busy with themselves, there are always family issues that will keep them grounded. In this movie you will see that too; the jokes might be very funny and often very black, there are a lot of realistic issues in this movie that will make you feel like you are Amy a bit. And that, funny enough, will make you love Amy.

Amy is a raw romcom, one that fits the era which we are living in and one that has a great timing. The last few years we have hardly seen any good romantic comedies. Often they are either too old-fashioned, not funny or too cliche. Trainwreck does -especially in the beginning- everything right to change that for the better. And I kinda like that it is more a romcom than a family movie or comedy. After all you will wish she would find the love she deserves after a life of quick one-night-stands.

The verdict

Trainwreck is a good flick to watch with (girl)friends, but also with your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/lover. Either way, Trainwreck is an excellent movie, a tough romcom about a woman that is not as predictable as the story of the movie. There are plenty of funny moments, without making the movie feeling too comedy-esque. Trainwreck is all I want in a romcom: cool jokes, an awesome chick and a layered story.

4.5 stars outta 5! 😀

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