Five Steam-games that are worth trying

Team Fortress, Garry’s Mod and Dota are games people can easily find on Steam. But, the last few years there have been a lot of new successes on Valve’s game distribution channel. It is hard to keep up with the many releases on Steam every week, so I would like to suggest five Steam titles that are totally worth your time and money. Give your PC some luvin!

This War of Mine (18,99 euros)

The subject seems to be a bit ‘been there done that’, but let me assure you: you have never played anything like it. In This War Of Mine you go to war, but not as a soldier. You control the citizen that try very hard to survive the violence happening in their city. What I like about it is the difference between day and night. During the day lots of snipers are waiting for you outside, which means you will have to stay inside and take care of your villagers by feeding them. In the night time you will have to get out of the house to look for food and other necessities.

11 Bit Studios based the game on true stories from Sarajevo, which makes the already moving gameplay even more emotional. The dark atmosphere and the excentric graphic style are taking you in, making you want to protect those poor citizens. An interesting fact is that the makers of the game gave illegal downloaders of the game a free copy to be able to play the official version of the game. 11 Bit said: “Enjoy, and buy the game when you can do it financially”. Pretty damn heroic!

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (14,99 euros)
This action RPG Shooter originally came out in 2011, but it has been renewed a couple of times since then. The Rebirth version offers 150 extra items, 25 new enemies, et cetera. This game has retro graphics, just like Super Meat Boy, which is not a coincidence, as both titles have been made by Edmund McMillen.

The main character in Super Meat Boy is freaking weird, but The Binding of Isaac shows that things can always get even weirder. In this game you control a naked crying kid that gets superpowers along the way, in order to fight enemy monsters. To make the game even more tasteful, there are a lot of smelly bodies and piles of shit to accompany the lovely guy. It might not sound all that great, and it is not totally my type of game as it is painful to start over again all the time (when you die, you start over), but the game does keep you interested towards all the way through the end and it is simply one you have to try at least once.

Double Dragon Neon (9,99 euros)
The game is not just nice because you can easily pick it up, but also because it has this super tacky trailer to go with it that directly shows you everything you need to get excited about this game. Double Dragon Neon takes you back to the 80’s, including typically 80’s jokes. It feels like the SNES-game of The Turtles thanks to the left to right sidescrolling and having to punch everything you encounter. Bashing feels sooo good and this game is especially ideal to play with your lover/friend/mother/child.

Do you need more reasons to download this game? Alrighty, what about the fact that it’s from WayForward Technologies? In other words, the guys behind DuckTales Remastered! Sometimes they do not really hit the nail on the head with their games, but they do offer an awesome history lesson into the video game world. Double Dragon Neon is one of their highlights, even though it is not totally a typical Double Dragon title.

Monsters ate my Birthday Cake (14,99 euros)

It’s scoring sky high on Metacritic and it’s extremely childish: Monsters ate my Birthday Cake. This puzzle game is not a super big challenge from the start, but it does get trickier after a while. This game catches the eye beacuse of its colorful style, made by Justin Baldwin. In ten hours you will finish it, but this is one of those games you will replay a lot just to show family members as is it easy to learn, funny and upbeat.

Are you curious about the title? Well, you play Niko and there are all these crazy monsters that are teaming up with you to take obstacles together. Just like in LEGO games every character has its own unique abilities and by switching between them you will have to use those skills to your advantage. It is a pity the game is so short, because it’s sweetness has this sweet tooth longing for more.

Battleblock Theater (5,10 euros)

Puzzlegame Battleblock Theater has a charming style and humor and it simply is a fantastic partygame. When you play this one by yourself it is not the same as with others, so that is why you should view this as a partygame only. Don’t feel like watching your friends make a fool out of themselves playing Just Dance? Get them to do these puzzles!

In Battleblock Theater developer The Behemoth puts you on the stage which is run by cats that are being mean. You will have to make sure you survive this insane play by jumping on the right block on the right time. Especially with two players it is pretty awesome, because you can throw eachother around to reach places you would not even have discovered on your own.

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