New Years Resolutions

Even though I thought I was not gonna do any New Years resolutions this year, I changed my mind after taking some time to reflect on my life. By the way, the fact that I was taking some time to reflect made me realise how much I try to make sure my life is busy planned with stuff to actually avoid reflecting. Cause thinking deeply about things usually means that I will realise how much stuff I do wrong, how many people I miss in my life, it is kinda sad really.

Anyways, let’s deal with this psychology stuff later and focus on the future! My new years resolutions are as follows:

Be more vegetarian
Okay I know there is not really a thing as being less or more vegetarian as you either are or you are not. But I am going to cancel meat from my diet as soon as I am back from my holiday in Vietnam that is about to start (yay!) in little than two weeks from now. I used to not eat meat, but I felt bad about people I would have dinner at, as vegetarians are making meat eaters lives so complicated. However, I want to give it another try, as I am not really a meat lover anyway and I simply cannot be a true lover of animals while eating them as long as they don’t look too real anymore… Seems hypocrite and wrong. But, for the time being I am going to start with excluding meat from my life. Things like candy and cheese that use dead bodies of animals to be made will be added later. I am still that Dutch girl with the sweet tooth you know 😉

Have a healthier lifestyle
This one seems to be very unspecific but I do that on purpose. Everytime I will tell myself I should lose weight (and my boyfriend tells me, and my mom tells me..) I do not get where I want to be. I should just choose a healthier lifestyle, meaning eating LESS candy, dancing more than just the two times at the dancing school (a week) and do more cycling on my home trainer. I have started hip hop dancing a while ago and I really love it. It is a great type of sports that keeps me motivated all the way through the class, instead of going out running which is something I hate doing from start to finish. I do not think my current lifestyle is super bad or anything, I do not smoke, I do not eat sauces on everything, I do not go to the ‘

I do not think my current lifestyle is super bad or anything, I do not smoke, I do not eat sauces on everything, I do not go to the ‘snackbar’ every day to get some greasy thing. I do however eat a lot of candy, make very poor choices when it comes to breakfast and lunch (on the go..), I drink a lot of tea, I love veggies and I cook almost every evening with fresh ingredients. The thing is, I am not just fat because of my sugar addiction, it is the stress. I am especially fat on my stomach, which is a typical stress thing to have. I should really cancel out a few things from my life, but I have a hard time saying goodbye to things I have put so much effort in. More on that later, can’t really speak about it now.

Relax more
Also I would like to be more relaxed, and use more incense sticks. Unfortunately my boyfriend does not like it, so I will either have to do it outside or when he is not there. I will do it though, may be in the morning before going to work. I think it would be good to have a little bit more time to meditate and get some moments of true relaxation, especially before the day starts. May be during my holiday in Vietnam Buddha will inspire me, I already own a very beautiful Buddha from Vietnam, I might move it from my bathroom to my living room and ask for luck every day by putting on the incense sticks next to him.

So, these are my three New Years resolutions. Nothing too fancy, nothing too original, but still these are all things that should be doable, right? If you have any resolutions, I wish you good luck in accomplishing them, keep up the good work, and don’t let one little misstep make you slip away into old behaviour!

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