Carol; I’ve got it bad…

The Golden Globes and the Academy Awards are around the corner and that is very obvious when looking at the movies the cinema currently has to offer. Obviously most people go to see Star Wars (and they should, I cannot see enough of that movie, it is so freaking awesome!), but there is also a very big lineup of movies that we would call ‘Oscar Bait’. One of those is Carol, and after following the movie scene for years it has become a little bit too obvious to me, the kind of movies you will see around January. On the other hand though, I do tend to like these movies that are so much alike real life.

Carol definitely is a movie like that, and it was magic to me. Sure, sometimes it is a bit too slow for millennials, but it is such an emotional journey the amazing Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett go on that you will not even notice it that much. Wow. As you might know, this movie is about lesbian love, without making things too L-Word style obvious. And of course being a chick that practically lives in one of the most gay friendly cities in the world, Amsterdam, I should be totally digging that!

Well, living in the ‘fun and free’ The Netherlands is definitely not the only reason for me to be very much into this movie, because what I liked so much about it is the beauty of it all. Cate looks amazing, and she is very stylish and sexy in this movie. Rooney is a little bit more school girl-esque in this movie, but she rocks that role too. I love that 60’s Mad Men atmosphere with the nice clothes, the heavy smoking and drinking; it’s just something special.

Oh guys, the tension in this flick has such a great buildup. Lots of looks, lots of subtle touching.. But the best thing is that it does not really end up in just a passionate moment of rough S or anything. It is so full of love, it is crazy how much chemistry those two ladies have. They are such good actresses, I really could feel the love and the longing between the two, absolutely loved it.

My favorite part of the movie did not really have to do with them together per se, cause it was the part where Cate’s character stands up to the attorneys and her husband about what she did, who she is, and how to handle the custody of their child. What she says, but even more: how she says it, is really impressive and it’s left a big impression on me.

So, if you have any spare time in the upcoming days, I’d highly recommend this movie, which will be especially nice to watch on a Sunday, or just at some relaxing moment to escape the busy time that is Christmas for a bit.

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