Goodbye 2015!

So on the last day of the year I will obviously have to look back on 2015. I know I have not been blogging for too long, but it feels appropriate to look back on what happened in my life this year. First of all, my year had a great start. My mother was officially cancer free and we made a beautiful trip to South Africa with the family.

I have started writing for a videogame website in October 2014 and in 2015 they really give me the opportunity to write a lot and I am very thankful for that. I used to do a lot of streaming via Twitch, but as that takes up so much energy I cannot really handle too much of that anymore. I have also reviewed a lot of videogames this year, but I think I will wait with my top 5 until I am absolutely certain which games I want to add to it ! 🙂

Another big part of 2015 for me was the movie website I was writing for. It started off in June and it was amazing. The team was really great, fantastic people, and I felt really good writing about movies again after not having done that since I started working for the video game website I just mentioned (I had to stop writing about movies then because I used to write for IGN who does both, and you know, it’s the competitor). Anyway, the movie website looked great, but it had a lot of technical difficulties and there were no full-time employees working for it.

However, the thing that bugs me most about the website was the publisher. It decided to take it offline and stop the whole thing altogether after not getting the money out of it that it was hoping for. In a way I can understand that, but the thing was that people were working there voluntarily so it did not cost the company very much. Plus, Star Wars was not even out yet, so if we only had two more months we would probably have made it. I think that is one of the most disappointing things that happened to me in 2015.

I have had a great year though, there was hardly any bad news, besides a couple of jobs that I did not get even though I was very close! It was a lovely year, because my brother and his wife got married in the Netherlands and then in Canada, so there was a lot of travel in 2015 and that is what I live for. I have been to Sardinia, Los Angeles, Toronto and London this year, plus a few business trips to Brussels. I love seeing the world, especially the North American part of it 😉

All and all when I look back to this year, I am thankful, happy and thrilled to have had such a great year with my family. I look forward to 2016, although it will probably include less travel and more studying. In 2015 I have started a bachelor study in translating, and there is one test I have already failed twice 😦 Really gotta step it up a bit!

I hope you will all have a very good night tonight, and a thrilling, awesome and successful 2016!

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