I am so stuck in Fantasy Life

As a game reviewer and may be as a gamer in general, it is so difficult to cope with being stuck in a game. It is not just bad for your own sanity, but also for your image. People that have been on the internet longer than today know it: if you, as a gamer, are stuck in a game or you tell people you have not played game X before, you will no longer be seen as a real gamer in some peoples mind.

Super stupid, but true. I would like to write this blog about the different stages of stuckness you go through when you get really stuck. I experienced it in Fantasy Life, an awesome RPG by Level-5. It is highly addictive and therefore even more painful to get stuck in. I got stuck after 20 minutes, so you can probably imagine that it was straight up horrifying.

So there was this point where the game told me to go home. As you live in the same house as some kind of realtor (a very cute old lady), I just walked in the door and saw her friends sitting there. I talked to them, when through the whole house and read all the house advertising. Nothing happened!

I stepped outside again, in the beautiful town of Reveria, to discover that the game still wanted me to go home (home was definitely what I just walked out of, as there is a big red dot pointing this out). So I walked in again, looked at the cheapest house advertisement and decided that I may be needed enough money to buy that house.

So the next half hour I was busy getting bottles of milk, shaking apples out of trees and picking flowers out of every little corner in Reveria. Back to the house, where of course, nothing happened. Maybe I had to walk over to the place where the actual house was? I went there, looking and looking, getting more frustrated by the minute, to discover that this was not the way as well.

At this point I was not just doubting myself anymore, I was even started to doubt the game. As I was reviewing Fantasy Life, there were no walkthroughs or other types of help to be found online. After another half hour of trying to figure it out myself, I decided to just look at the trailer online: was I really crazy, did I miss something? It was such a mystery, but starting to be a drag, so I decided to lay the game away for a few days.

When I started it up again, I still couldn’t figure it out. So I just started a new game. Too bad for all those hours, I had to know! And then I knew… At the beginning of the game your characters steps out of the house, but she lives on the attic! The little house had an attic and even though I have stood in front of it ten times, it never occurred to me!

And then that whole: Am I so dumb? Is this game so silly? Is this a bug?-feeling was all gone, and it was just me and my miserable self that were left. I am freaking stupid. So is life though as a gamer? As long as there are attics, hell yeah. Who cares what other gamers think if you can discover your stupidity even by not speaking about games at all! ;)

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