Famous Dutch artists in videogames

Music from The Netherlands has become more and more famous due to hardstyle, trance and techno music being one of our top export products. But, apart from that, the musical artists in the Netherlands do not get a lot of international attention easily. And you can imagine, if it is that hard in the music business, it must be even tougher in the video games bizz. Thankfully there are a few video games in which you can hear music from Dutch artists.

Martin Garrix

One of the most famous Dutch DJ’s that you can hear in a videogame is Martin Garrix. The young guy score dan immense hit with Animals, a track that he loves to play in clubs, even though he sometimes has a hard time getting into the club because of his age. Thankfully he had no problem barging into the videogame business, because Animals can be found in Just Dance 2016. And you cannot just listen to it, this dance game added a very cool choreo for the song so you can experience it to the fullest!





Junkie XL
It does not matter if you call him Junkie XL or Tom Holkenborg: he is the guy you know from ‘A little less conversation’. Obivously he can’t be the singer, as that was Elvis Presley, but he did mix the song in such a way that it spoke to young people and still it is used a lot in tv shows. Junkie XL is a hard working guy, that focuses mostly on movies these days. He was the guy behind the awesome soundtrack of Mad Max Fury Road. But his songs ended up in a lot of videogames too, for example Burnout Revenge, Lumines II and Need for Speed: Underground.

Junkie XL




DJ Tiesto
Even though DJ Tiesto scored one hit after the other in the last decennium, the last few years it has become a little bit quiet around Tijs Verwest. Not because he is not doing anything, because he is quite busy with his own radioshow and he is still touring and making lots of music. His music however is not in a lot of videogames, even though it would fit in many other sportsgames. But the one sportsgame DJ Tiesto is featured in, is Madden NFL 15.

Madden NFL 15_20140823161309

Two Unlimited
When we speak about Two Unlimited, we speak about euro dance from the beginning of the 90’s. As you might expect, you will not hear their music in a very emotional game. Instead, just like Martin Garrix’ track, Ray and Anita have a song featured in Just Dance. Twice! In Just Dance 3 you can dance to No Limits, while in Just Dance 4 there is a choreo made on Tribal Dance.


De Staat
The Dutch band De Staat has won a lot of awards in Holland, and the guys work hard. Ever since 2006 they have made six albums! The videogame industry loves their music because it is high energy, tough rock music. You can listen to it when playing Dirt 2 (The Fantastic Journey) and Fifa 14 (Down Town).

De Staat

If you know any other Dutch guys that have their music featured in a videogame, let me know! 🙂

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