Orphan Black: why does it not grasp me?

The last few years a lot of my favorite series came to an end: Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Parks & Recreation and Boardwalk Empire. Reason enough for me to check with my Twitter followers what new series I should watch. Preferably on Netflix, as I like to watch series when I am commuting to work. People said I should watch Switched at Birth, Pretty Little Liars and Orphan Black.

As Pretty Little Liars seemed a bit too young for me and Switched at Birth is not on Netflix, I decided to go with Orphan Black. I am almost all up to speed with the show, so I have already seen 2.5 season. I must say it has a lot of things I love about series: an awesome female lead, suspense and good acting (especially by Tatiana Maslany, who plays multiple roles). And yet, it just does not grasp me like other series do.

The weird thing is, is that I cannot even quite put my finger on it why it does not make me want to bingewatch it all in a row. Google tells me I am not the only one feeling this way about the series. A writer at The Vulture blames the fact that it is too out there how Tatiana Maslany plays all these different roles and they are too much, but I do not even think that is the case. It just does not feel urgent to me. And to be honest, I do not like the suestra-woman Helena, she is just annoying and everytime the spotlight switches over to her, I notice my brain is just zoning out.

Even though the series does have endings that are supposed to make you want to watch the next episode right after, I never do. Not just because I check this series out on the train and not really at home (because frankly, at home I rather watch movies), but I do not even really care what happens. I am a very curious person and I do follow the series as I want to see how the story unfolds, but it just does not bring me to the edge of my seat, longing for more.

As you might read between the lines, I am still not entirely sure what is wrong between me and Orphan Black. It is a cool world, it has a good story, Michiel Huisman (yeah, Dutchman!) is in there, and yet I hardly ever recommend it to anyone. May be if I watch it all the way at the end, I will finally have the answer to it…

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