Ibiza travel report – total relaxation

Two weeks of holiday I had planned in June. Exactly around the dates of E3 in LA, which is the biggest video game fair on the planet, together with Tokyo Game Show. It would either be me going to Los Angeles and work half the time, or me going anywhere else and not even think about work for a while. I decided to go for the latter, or actually my wallet did, but my brain is very happy with it. Because I went to… Ibiza.

Dutch folky people

Let me tell you a little something about what I thought about Ibiza before I actually went there. I thought of it as a beautiful island, but as it was Europe I was not too interested. I know a lot of Dutch folky people go there, so that did not really attract me either. Also, even though I do go out often, I did not really like the idea of going to a party island. But as you will come to discover in a few minutes from now, I am very glad that I went.

Not because I hated it and I wanted to go home the whole time, cause I did not, but because it is a very beautiful island. Though my plan was to really write a lot on this island, I have not written one bit except for this blog at the airport. I was going to write, cause many books have been written on Ibiza, but instead I just went for total relaxation. I did not even open my laptop for three full days, it is crazy. But it is so good too.

I think that is one thing I did wrong in Japan: I took my laptop, I was on Tinder, it was just a bit too much, it held me down from living in the moment, which is why my trip to Japan of two weeks felt more like one day, while Ibiza was seven days and felt like a month. I did not really do a lot of hard thinking, like I was planning to, but I guess that type of thing comes when necessary, it is not something you really go and sit down for: “now I am going to think for an hour”. Of course I made some life decisions as I always do, though.

Ibiza: lots of beaches

So, Ibiza. I have been on a lot of beaches: Reggae Reggae Beach, Las Saladas, even a few steps on Bossa beach, but my main beach was San Antoni as that was where my hotel was at: the S’Anfora & Fleming hotel. A low budget place with hundreds of drunk, half naked British people. It was fine though, very loud, but pretty nice. I really do not understand how Spanish people keep their homes clean as my hotel room was a desert most of the time.

I was contemplating if I would write a full day by day report of my trip, but I have decided not to. The holiday was mainly relaxing on the beach, taking a little boat trip for some nice views and a visit to a pretty random cave aquarium, walking around the beautiful old town, drinking a lot of juice and a lot of cocktails and a big highlight which was Ushuaia, the party place on the island where I watched Stefflon Don and Tinie Tempah on the Disturbing Ibiza party night.

I love Ibiza

It is weird how much I have come to love Ibiza. It is pretty shallow in many ways, but maybe that is why I like it: I love Los Angeles too. It is that combination of party energy, as if anything can happen, together with amazing views, beautiful weather and palm trees. Palm trees really move me, I do not really know why but they just do. As soon as I arrive in a country that is filled with palm trees I am happy.

Anyway, I have really enjoyed the island. It is a hippie island, but you do not spot them that much. You will see it mostly in the clothing style and in the low crime rates. At least: I have not felt unsafe at all, but yet I have also not seen many police officers in the streets. It is quite weird, I do not really get why the place is not filled with burglars, but that might be because of the location: drunk Brits are probably a lot less appetizing than rich Paris Hilton’esque folk in Ushuaia (a simple Malibu-coke costs 17 euros…), in San Antoni you could have a double vodka and Red Bull for five euros or so.

There is something magical about this island. The beautiful sundown, the fishes that swim around you as you enter the ocean, the warm sunrays that warm your skin even in the evening: it is hard not to fall in love with this island. I would love to go back with L for example, to show her an amazing time, so I might start planning that. First I have to start saving money in general though, again I realized how much I need to travel. I might even move to Ibiza, hihi.

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