Hamburg travel report – Day 2: cookies and a hop on hop off bus

As you know I always like to explore a city in a hop on hop off bus if I have the chance. It is just so much easier to check out a city in a few hours and you can use it all day. Though I usually go two rounds on a bus like that, this time I only had time for one. It was only 19 euros, so it was not an insane price for the 1,5-hour tour that it was, but I wanted to do another round as I was sitting on the right and apparently many things are on the left in Hamburg. Not extremely happy about the pics, but whatever.

Service is horrible

Let me first stress one thing about Germans: their service is horrible. In the morning I wanted to buy myself some breakfast at a stand at the grand central of Hamburg, and my card was not working. Instead of saying: Hey it seems your card is not working, is there any other form of payment we could try? The woman held my card in the air while shaking her head and sighing. What the f. Then I paid with my last cash money, which was just enough thankfully. I took my stuff and quickly went to the bus, as it seemed it was going to leave soon. I came, the bus driver did not say anything. I said: Good morning. He said Morning. I said: Euhm, can I join this tour please? He saw my debit card and he just said: CASH! So I asked him: Aah, okay, where might I find an ATM please? He just pointed at the train station and barked at me: TRAIN STATION. He was not a foreigner, he just refused to be friendly or speak to me.

Anyway, so I went into the station, got money from the ATM and went with a different bus company. Jerks. I took a red bus and it had an English option with the in-ears, like they often have. However, when we drove off a German guy with a microphone started guiding in German. That was a bit troublesome, as everytime my English guide in my ear would be silent, I would just hear the German bla bla bla in between. Really annoying. He was also sitting next to me, which did not make things any better.

Hop on fck off bus

The weird thing was, at one point there was only music, for a very long time. Half an hour or so, so a lady came up to him and said: Hey, I only hear music. Of course he did not understand her, cause she was English with an Italian accent and Germans have no idea how to be of service. So… I told him: we have only heard music for the last half hour. No talk. This he understood, so he went to the bus driver. Apparently the GPS thing was having some technical difficulties. When they were fixed it worked again and he asked me: It works now yes? So I said, yes, awesome! And guess what he said: WHY DID YOU NOT SAY ANYTHING!? He was actually mad at me cause I did not understand it was not supposed to be just music and no English talk. To be honest, I thought there would just be no explanation available in English or something, which is not a too weird thing to assume about this GERMAN tour, right?

So, a bit annoyed with the Germanness of it all, we drove further and it was great. Hamburg really is a beautiful city with lots of old buildings combined with a great harbour and many warehouses that simply looked terrific. And the weather was again, amazing, so it was good taking pictures from the bus and chilling on the open rooftop with the sun on my face. I enjoyed a nice hazelnut chocolate cookie that tasted like Toffifee and I had some orange juice, which I had to order by saying ORANGENSAFT as the lady did not understand ORANGE JUICE. What the heck. I am happy to be Dutch so I at least understand their language a bit.

Missing Moksie

The tour was nice, but I could not go for another round as there was a break and I was flying at 3 o clock in the afternoon. And I was not feeling too well, which according to a very dear friend might be because I am a bit overly exhausted. So I will try to keep myself in check the upcoming days, as far as I can as Moksie is still missing and my heart is aching for him so much. Anyway, let’s end this blog on a nice note. I am now sitting at Hamburg airport writing this and I have a bit of a struggle with the bad internet, but I look forward to watching The Crown again on my flight. Yay. And I will be seeing Han Solo tonight, so that is fun too. It was a good trip to Hamburg. I think I could have gotten more out of it if I was with someone else, so we could just go out and have a drink at St Pauli or at the red light district, but I am pleased with the many things I have seen, so many churches, and just to be away from home for a bit. Next up: Ibiza!

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