August Alsina was a huge let-down

For some reason all awesome RnB artists decided to come to Amsterdam one day in a row, so L and I were doing a three-days-in-a-row-concert-galore. August – Jhene – Partynextdoor. Great stuff, though not all of these concerts were amazing. August Alsina in Melkweg Amsterdam in fact was not.

August Alsina in Melkweg Amsterdam

I love August Alsina’s music. He has a true RnB voice and I love songs like Kissing on my Tattoos, Song Cry, No Love and Wait. He has a great voice and I think he is a great singer. However, I did not really get to hear that during the concert. After a pretty odd guest show by Sir the Baptist, August took the stage wearing big sunglasses, hiding his eyes from us.

Then his dancers came on and they were awesome. They really danced their socks off, they looked amazing and they made up for a lot of disappointment. I am sorry to see August Alsina just singing along with a recording of his voice, sometimes even lip syncing. Sometimes at the end of the song he would sing a few words, but it was just so disappointing seeing him lipsync the whole time.


Maybe he was afraid his voice would have issues after too many concerts, I do not know, but I thought it was a bit shitty, and I think I was not the only one. I was happy that L and I had a nice spot next to the bar, so we could just get drinks on and on and on. Eventually we had a good time together, but as an artist I really think August Alsina should step up his game when he shows up for his own concert. He has an amazing voice, he looks amazing, he works with amazing people, so I do not understand why he is not performing his music a bit more… live.

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