Lush Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb review

My fave Lush smell of all is Prince Charming, which is pretty ironic when you think of it. There is a less strong variety of the smell called Snow Fairy. It comes with a whole range of shower gels and things. One of them is the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb, that I just took a bath with. It is lovely.

I would have liked the smell to be a bit stronger, but when I smell my hands right now I do smell Snow Fairy, which is this amazing scent of bubblegum and sweet vanilla. Jelly Bomb means that it is not just a bath bomb, but it has some features that make it a bit more oily or something. There were also some pink pieces floating around in the bath, that were a bit sticky. I was not sure if I found it annoying and disgusting or if I found it nice. I mean, they do have interesting textures.

I love the way this jelly bomb feels though. As soon as you slide into your pink bath, the water feels a bit thicker, like you are just entering one big fluffy pink hug. It is really amazing, and I had a hard time getting out of my bath tub cause it just felt so nice, even when the water is a bit cold, it still feels so good. So yeah, if you feel like getting a sweet hug from your bath, just go for the jelly bomb Snow Fairy.


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