Yay! Horse riding on Texel island

I have told a little white lie, because a few months ago me and my bestie went for a beach ride on horses and I told the people that I sometimes rode horses, but in fact it was like 8 years ago or so. Oh well, otherwise I could not join and I wanted it so badly! It was awesome and I went again a short while ago. I forgot how amazing it is to just cuddle a horse, take it out for a few hours and just fully relax. Especially on these sturdy horses, there was enough time to relax. But, there was some hard work to be done too; the first one kept pulling my arms out and the second one was a bit slow so I had to push my sides together the whole time.

So, now I am writing this with a pretty heavy muscle pain, but I will survive. It was amazing. The first time with my best friend we really enjoyed the woods, and it was raining when we were on the beach. This last time I went alone, cause my dad could not go because they did not think he was experienced enough (which was totally unnecessary but ok..). Well, there is always a guide and there were two other girls there. It was very cold, 3 degrees, and there was a wind freezing everything, but I had to work hard on the horse so I was pretty warm.

It is really beautiful to explore Texel on the back of a horse. The beautiful dunes, the green trees with the sun shining through the leaves and then there is the beach with it’s wild sea. We galloped over the beach like our lives depended on it, though my horse was a bit slow. And she really wanted to go into the water on the moments she should not (and the other way around). She was a darling though, I cuddled my ass off.

I was totally exhausted after the ride, but extremely happy too. Friends of L actually want to go riding again soon too, so I hope we can make that happen. My mind is a lot more silent on the back of a horse. 🙂


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