Review – Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle

My hair is a mess. It is not super straight, and it is not curly either. It is pretty long, but I also put a lot of hair dye in it. I cycle with it through the rough Dutch wind, I put it in a ponytail: my hair is having a very rough life. That means it does not always look as healthy as I’d like it to.

It can get pretty fizzy, which is a challenge. It is mainly a challenge because near my head the hair is not fizzy, so it is mainly the ends and a bit up. It is hard to just put hair stuff in there, especially when you buy shampoo for fizzy hair for example: you want shampoo on your head too, to get clean. So then my hair gets greasy at the top and still a bit meh at the bottom: not a good look.

When my mom gave me the beautiful box of Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle, I was pretty impressed. It is not cheap stuff, and it was a nice set of the same brand. I usually buy whichever bottle is the  most appealing, hihi, so I hardly ever use a full set of the same products.

I thought that would mean miracles, to have the shampoo, the conditioner AND the hair oil of it, but does not work like that unfortunately. Maybe it even works the opposite way, cause now you put too much oil in your hair it seems. Mine got really greasy the time I used all the products in one shower sesh, and the second time it went a bit better when I just used the shampoo and conditioner. Am I stunned by the results though? Not at all. Again, it is very hard to put some of the oil in your hair without it getting too greasy, and I can’t really see what makes these more expensive products different from their cheaper drug store versions..

I love the packaging, and I do feel that the shampoo and conditioner are indeed a bit different than your average product when looking at texture, smell and concentration, but what it does to your hair is simply wrong or nearly unnoticeable. Too bad, cause it looks very professional.

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