Poor mister whale

Every morning when I get ready to go to work, I like to watch the news. Mainly I like it because it has a clock on it, so I know when it is time to go, but they have a lot of cute animal news too, and the anchor is actually hilarious, he is called Jan de Hoop and he often makes funny remarks when appropriate.

This week though, there was very sad news from the animal kingdom. A poor whale was found and he had a lot of plastic in his stomach. Pieces of 2 metres, lots of plastic bags, and it was just awful. Plastic bags from all these different countries: England, Denmark.. I really thought that was very sad, even though I do not love the ocean myself, I mean, to be on it in a boat or something, I do want the ocean to be happy and healthy and this does not sound happy or healthy at all…

I am very happy that for example a big brand like G Star is trying to make people aware of the oceans a bit more. I don’t get paid to say this, hihi, but believe me, I really love their special Raw for the Oceans clothing line, which includes shirts with jellyfish on them, and it is started by Pharrell Williams (love him!), the products are actually made with plastic from the ocean, and they are amazing: good quality, a good fit, I really love my Raw for the Oceans clothes. I have a tank top, a sweater and a jeans, and I really like wearing them.

Still, that can’t help the whale that was killed due to all the plastic bags in the sea. I hope to be able to use less and less plastic bags, and use more non-plastic bags. I have a few cool ones, so I should start using them, as there is one in my handbag that I actually forget whenever I am at the cash desk of the supermarket, hihi. Stupid!

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