New ink! Millennium Falcon <3

Even though I always mix up who is who, I loooove Star Wars. Funny enough I got the idea for this tattoo from a very simple and pretty ugly design I saw, and then I looked it up and there were more people with the same idea as I had. Great, cause it looks amazing, so I knew what I was going to get. As I have a few tatts with thicker black lines, I wanted it to be thick and black, and I am glad the tattoo artist I went to, Oliver at Sakura, did not make a very cutesy tattoo. The one I have now I really like, and I am very happy Oliver was able to do it.

I kinda had my eye on him already, cause I knew he was very good at making straight lines, and that was extremely important in this tatt. I was a bit afraid it would be too big, and it definitely should not have been any bigger, but now that I am more used to it, I really like the size. I do have nightmares about my parents finding out, which will obviously happen a lot easier than my leg ones, and it is stupid I feel that way, but it’s just, a lot has happened the past year 😉

I must stress that I am very pleased with Oliver as an artist. He is not arrogant, he really wants to create something that the customer is happy with, and I really like that supportive side of him. Many tattoo artists are the opposite, unfortunately.

Anyway, I am super thrilled about this tattoo, I really love it, the shape is good, I am happy I made him change the placement of it a bit, and Oliver did an excellent job at tattooing it. It took approximately 2 hours and it felt great. The weird thing was that it did not bleed at all, not even a little but I understand that that happens more often on that spot. I am trying not to get too much ink after the one I have on my mind for a while now, cause it starts to be a bit too much perhaps..

I love my tatts, but I am trying not to get too much ink after the one I have on my mind for a while now, cause it starts to be a bit too much, hihi. What do you think?




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