Don’t watch Remember Me

There have been many blogs about Remember Me, the 2010 movie by director Allen Coulter (who I should love, as he worked on Boardwalk Empire) which is not a good thing. They write about the ending of the movie, which is controversial to say the least. To me it was mainly unexpected, as I did not read any of the blogs before I started watching this flick.

To be honest, I did not expect the ending at all. I think no one did, as you simply could not know. So Remember Me is a pretty standard (but very cute, nice and well made) love story about people that have both lost loved ones, but get together for the wrong reasons. He is supercute (Robert Pattinson at his best!) and she is even cuter (Emilie de Ravin from Once Upon A Time) and to see them together is just, ieeeeh, so adorable.

There are a lot of sidestories which make this film pretty cool. The ending though. I do not want to spoil things, so I won’t, but things get really insane and crazy. Not just because of the big event happening in the last half hour (something that happens after you think: hmm, why is this movie, that had a good ending, not ending? Why am I still looking at Robert Pattinson, I thought everything was okay?!), but because it changes the whole atmosphere of the movie and the whole feeling to have about things.

In a way I can understand the message in the movie, but on the other hand I mainly felt like screaming noooo out loud (I actually did). I was hoping it was because it was based on a true story, but it wasn’t! The amazing feeling of the love between the hotties was gone, there was just.. Well, nothingness. The credits rolled by and Rey and I could only look at each other like: WHAT THE ?!?!??!! NO THEY DIDN’T?! It was surreal, that is the best way to describe it.

So, even though I have not spoiled the end to you, I still would not recommend you to watch the movie. But on the other hand I also would like to challenge to do it, cause something inside me feels like: hey, at least they tried something different, and it does make me think about the movie a lot more! But, I think the way they did, is simply too big for the kind of movie it was, and that hurts.

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