Review – ETOS Lavender Bath Ball

Call me crazy but I do not love the smell of lavender. Sure it is nice, but it does not make me feel super happy inside. It is a bit boring to me. Many things have the smell of lavender, it even helps you sleep apparently, but to me it is just not the most special scent in the world.

Curious as I am though, I did buy the ETOS Lavender Bath Ball, which has the purple color of lavender to match its fragrance. I thought it be nice to use as I needed to go to bed soon, but to be fair I was a bit disappointed with the smell. It was not as strong, so it felt like most of the bath bomb was useless. Not totally useless though, cause what I did not expect was the color to be so vivid.

The ball itself is just a bit boring easter purple, but as soon as you throw in the warm bath water it turns into a brighter purple/pink-kinda color, very lovely. I would not call it “pure happiness” like ETOS calls it, but it was definitely a nice surprise. Again, too bad the scent was not very strong. Would I buy this bath ball again? Probably not, onfortunately.

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