Geocaching is much less nerdy than I thought

So when I had this weekend with my girls from the techy website I write for, we had to do this assignment using Geocache. Geocaching was always something I thought was way too nerdy for me, but now that I have done it, it really changed my mind. I love to walk, and you can geocache anytime and anywhere you want. When you are on a hike, you just use your phone like you would when playing Pokémon Go and before you know it you will find stuff.

What I love about it, is that it is like a videogame. You can really discover actual things that people placed in the real world for you, just like you would discover things in the virtual space. And it is exciting to see what the “treasure” is. Of course you don’t get to keep it, but finding it, especially if it is something special and not just a little plastic box with a guest book in it, that is really remarkable.

What I like about Geocaching is that you can keep track of the things you have found, and you can see what other people said about it. You can look for something in a forest very long if it was placed there during summer, and you are looking in autumn. There was one thing we found because we looked at what other peoples comments were. And the fun thing is, Geocaching is something everybody does. Young people, old people, couples, friends: it does not matter, it is not like Pokémon Go which still tends to be more popular on 8 to 28 year olds.

The thing is though, I have not Geocached a lot anymore since my weekend with the girls. I think that is mainly because I have not walked a lot anymore, and when I walk it is not a walk where I have the time to really go and look for a geocache thingie. However, I will definitely keep the app on my phone and put it on the next time when I walk for solely the activity of walking. Plus, I am considering putting a Geocache location thingie near my house too, so I have my own little treasure for people to find, seems so cool.

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