Stuff I really want to see in Japan

Japan, I can’t believe I will be there in half a year. I am so excited! We are going on a group trip, so many things will already be pre-planned, but there is always a little bit room for free time, and there is so much to see in Japan. I just wanted to make a little list of stuff I really want to see in Japan, and I might not be able to experience it all, but if I could, that would be awesome:

Rabbit Island – Apparently there is an island called Ōkunoshima that is filled with little bunnies that will walk all over you. It sounds amazing, I really want to cuddle all those little bastards!

Weird vending machines – Especially in Tokyo there should be a lot of weird vending machines that sell Pokemon drinks, little machines with the voice of a hot girl, odd things like that. I really want to get some weird things out of a vending machine, hihi, will definitely post pics here.

Play Pachinko – Though there are many arcades in Japan, there is one game that everybody plays from what I’ve read online. That is Pachinko, and I am so curious about it! I will probably suck at it, but I am too curious, hihi.

The Robot Restaurant – There are so many themed cafes and restaurants in Japan, especially Tokyo. There is a Robot one too, I am very curious about it!

See a Kabuki show – Only in April in Kyoto there are these special Kabuki shows with geisha, and I am very curious and excited that I will be there on April 1st! So I really need to make sure I will get tickets to go with me and my family, that would be awesome.

I know my mom really wants us all to go to an Onsen, some kind of spa, but unfortunately thanks to the Jakuza it is not seen as something normal to have tattoos, so if you’d go to an Onsen with tattoos, people will be very uncomfortable and I would not want that. So my mom and dad can go, but I won’t. Plus, I am not really into spa’s anyway.

I will probably expand this list in the coming months, but for now this is what I would looove to experience!


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