Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is pretty cute

While writing I like to watch and not really watch Netflix shows. It’s nice to see things that you do not want to pay full attention too, but that you still think might be funny. As Netflix suggested I should watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend I have started watching that and at first I did not really like it. The musical stuff in between seemed a bit too much, it is also a very white show, very American, but actually I have started to like it after the first six episodes.

I love some of the songs too, as in many of them there is so much truth. Getting Bi and the Sex With A Stranger song are both very funny. The JAP Battle is really cool, though a few things get lost in translation I think. Especially after a while you really get to know the characters that seemed a bit too cliche and boring at first, it is really nice to see what they are going through and again, it is all from a pretty modern perspective, which is cool.

At first I thought Rachel Bloom was over acting way too much, but later she was more human and more real and that makes it all a lot easier to watch. It is not a show where I am rolling on the floor laughing (Am I ever though?), but it is funny and upbeat and entertaining during writing. And painting, cause I am planning on picking that up again once I have some new canvasses. Not sure yet what my art is going to look like -besides pretty bad haha- but I look forward to having some Netflix evenings with candles and painting, yay.

Thankfully there is a full season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix, so I can enjoy more odd songs and white people entertainment! šŸ˜‰

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