International dating sites are the best


Okay, the title of this blog is utter bull. International dating sites are pretty much as dreadful as their national counterparts. However! There is one great perk about OKCupid, and that is that I met a very cool friend there. And actually, through him I have met another friend, and that is really lovely.

So this guy Jem and I started talking on OKCupid just for fun. Though I went on the website to just connect to people abroad, he was actually living in Amsterdam. He was a lot younger, and I guess we did not really view our contact as a love interest kinda thing. We were just getting along great and so one day when I went to the cinema, we had a short drink together.

The next week we had another drink, and not long after we had another drink and he actually brought his ex-girlfriend Rey as he thought we would probably really like each other, even though there was a bit of a language barrier. Rey speaks Spanish, I speak Dutch; it is not easy. Though I can speak English too, and that is what I speak to when I talk to Jem and Rey (Jem is French, but you can’t really tell when hearing him speak English, very remarkable!), whenever Rey and I hang out it is still difficult sometimes to understand each other.

Thankfully Google Translate and just talking miming everything really helps, so I have had a lunch and an evening alone with her and they were just great. It is very cool to have met a person on a dating site, and just be friends from the get-go. We have spend a lot of time talking and seeing each other, and I have watched a few movies at their home and it was great. I have showed them the EYE Film institute, the Food Hallen, and I hope to show them a lot more in the future. They are really cool and lovely people, very much into video games, Rey makes the greatest make up vids, Jeremy is a nice and honest dude, it just feels really good to hang out with them. So even though dating sites are horrible in general, they can offer a lot more than just love (or sex) interests.

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