The Waterhole is a pretty nice place

It is always difficult to find cool places to hang out in Amsterdam. For some reason I always end up at Coco’s Outback, so I was happy that a few weeks ago someone suggested The Waterhole. It is a rock cafe I would say, so they have a live band playing and the audience is pretty rock-y. Not crazy gothic or something, but just a cool crowd with people that love guitar music.

The Waterhole is near the Leidseplein so the prices of the booze might be a bit high, I was not very surprised by the bill so I think it should be fine. I had some shots, they were good, Jack Daniels Honey, but they also had shots that were called Monkeyballs which sounded pretty funny, did not try them yet though. It is a pretty nice place, they have a lot of different kinds of drinks, but not really cocktails unfortunately.

I must say that Coco’s Outback is still my favorite place in Amsterdam, though I sometimes get a bit annoyed by how busy it is, and how they always take away all the tables and stuff, cause sometimes you just want to sit down for a bit, but the atmosphere is pretty good, they have cocktails, it is great. The Waterhole is more of a darker place, which is something I feel comfortable with, hihi.

And the band that played the evening I was there was pretty nice too, they played a bit of Coldplay, The Offspring type of music, or actually: they covered them, and they did a pretty nice job. It is nice to be able to watch the band too, in case you don’t really feel like talking for a bit. Not that that ever happens to me, but still 😉 I do have my quiet moments by the way, but usually somethings up then. Anyway, I am happy that I discovered The Water Whole, and I am very curious if I will get to know any new fun places in Amsterdam soon.

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