Lights Out was pretty bad

I am still not into horror movies very much, but my lovely new found friends are, so I am doing my best to give the genre another chance. And I mean, they are still entertaining to me often, but I just don’t get scared. Anyway, so the other night we were watching Lights Out, which involves a creature that comes to life in the dark, it was a pretty classic horror story, but the creature looked pretty cool to me.

The acting was so bad though, I don’t want to ruin this kid actors life, but especially the little son was just pretty bad. Not that the father was doing an awesome job, and as the movie started with the father we could not really be serious about the movie at all. It is always a bit of a pity when you start off a movie joking, cause you know the rest of the movie will not stand a chance hihi. But it is fun too, when you are with friends to just talk sht about the movie, it is very relaxing somehow.

David F. Sandberg is the director of the movie and before this he only directed shorts. He will however do Annabelle 2, which is a full length movie, so I am pretty curious what he will make of that. I am not sure if I disliked Lights Out because of the director, is all I am saying. He is pretty new to the big movie business, so I hope he will get his break in the new year. Not with Lights Out though, it was really standard and very forgettable.


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