Don’t Breathe: Hey Suburgatory girl!

I love myself a good exciting movie, thrillers, stuff like that. Horror is usually too bad to really enjoy, but if the horror movie has a RottenTomatoes score of at least 80 percent I do watch. Unless it is a comedy horror movie, cause those I hate. Drag me to Hell for example, by Sam Raimi. Though I was expecting Don’t Breathe to either be very Scream-y, or very Sam Raimi, it was actually neither, which was great.

The director of Evil Dead (2013), Fede Alvarez, also directed Don’t Breathe, which is about a couple of young people, teenagers or something, that need money to have a better life. In order to get that money, instead of working hard and stuff, they decided to rob houses. It is very convenient that a somewhat nerdy/loser-y friend of them actually has access to the master key to security systems, so they only need that key to easily rob a house.

So at one moment the three go into the house of a war veteran that has received loads of money after some rich girl accidentally killed his daughter. However, what they don’t realise is that this sweet man is still at home. Thankfully for them he is blind, but that is not thankfully for us, cause it actually gives him an extra creepy aura hihi, as he reaches out for them, it is actually pretty difficult to feel sorry for his “disability”, especially cause in this movie, he really uses light and dark to their full potential.

It is interesting in general by the way, how the movie plays with who you will be rooting for. Sometimes you think her, then the loser-guy, then obviously that poor man that is being robbed brutally… The person you are cheering for will probably change around a few times, which is interesting. What is also very interesting, is a part in the middle that is very gorey all of a sudden, and also a bit funny. Even though I am against comedy and horror mixes religiously, Don’t Breathe actually gets away with it.

All-in-all Don’t Breathe is one of the best movies in its genre this year, with lots of suspense and lots of playfulness. And that cute girl from Suburgatory, aww, I miss that show!

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