Cool movie: Swiss Army Man

I went to Empire Live this weekend and it was awesome, especially opening night with two Daniel Radcliffe movies and the actor actually being there to talk about them. One of them is my favorite, and that is Swiss Army Man, a movie in which Daniel Radcliff just played a dead body tho whole movie. But he does it so excellent.

When you hear people talk about this film, you might not be very into it. It is about farts, and puking water, and other disgusting stuff. But at the same time it teaches such valuable life lessons, and it is actually pretty heartfelt. And it is certainly unique. So this guy played by Paul Dano is all alone on an island, and I don’t think the movie really explains why, but he is going to kill himself until he sees this washed up body laying in the sand.

It is a body just farting and yet Paul Dano’s character gets inspired by him, so they go on this road trip on the island, hoping that eventually they will be saved. It is not really about that though, it is more about how Paul Dano’s character explains life to the dead body, and how he carries him around and cares about him. It really is a feel good movie, very lovely.

One of my favorite quotes is “Before the Internet every girl was a lot more special.” But there are a lot more of those semi-life advising notes, except for the fact that they do not specifically come across that way. And the movie is so ridiculous and so crazy often, it is just soo cool. I don’t want to give away too much, but I think Swiss Army Man should really be huge among young people. Daniel Radcliffe does an amazing job at being a dead body, that alone is worth the watch.


PS: this photo is me with the actual stunt body double of Daniel: a very heavy doll version of him. They even put his arm around me and that was just too real, hihi.

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