Hacksaw Ridge is excellent

War movies are not really my thing, but when I watch a good one, I do enjoy it. I loved War Horse, Enemy at the Gate, and Hacksaw Ridge. Hacksaw Ridge is the new movie by Mel Gibson as a director, and it stars Andrew Garfield and Teresa Palmer that fall so madly in love, that you can only watch that and be like: awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately Mel Gibson nor Andrew Garfield nor Teresa Palmer was at Empire Live to talk about the movie, but then again, Hacksaw Ridge does not need a lot of explaining, it will sweep you away immediately.

What I really love about Hacksaw Ridge is that it really takes the time to explain more about the characters, before going into full battle mode. So you see what Desmond Doss’s family is like, you are right there when he falls madly in love with Dorothy Schutte and you struggle together with him when he starts working for the army. Though I am no Christian, I really respect his way of thinking: not using any guns. In this movie guns do safe his life though, so it is a risky statement.

Anyway, Hacksaw Ridge is an extremely charming and real movie, especially cause Desmond actually really existed and he was the first man to ever deserve a medal of honor, if I am informed correctly. Andrew Garfield does an excellent job at portraying him I think, as we are used to Mr Garfield being a bit goofy, but in this movie he is so.. vigorous is probably the right word. It is just lovely to see him being all serious about his beliefs, but at the same time be a young guy that does not know everything. Really cute.

Teresa Palmer also does a very good job at being an awesome wife in this movie. She is really supportive and that is very admirable. She is stunning, and she is the perfect fit for the role she is playing. Mel Gibson is not in the movie by the way, but Vince Vaughn is! Really cool to see him in a different movie again, and he does an excellent job at being the Sergeant. At the end you can only think: OMG is Howell still alive?! Cause that’s the thing, even though people give each other such a hard time in this flick, there is such a strong bond and it is amazing to watch.

I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. It is a bit long, some people might think the battle takes too long, but I think it is worth every minute. Good job Mel Gibson!

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