The reason I haven’t watched The Get Down yet

I am a superfan of Baz Luhrmann. I still don’t understand why I dislike Moulin Rouge! so much, cause Romeo+Julia and The Great Gatsby are in my top 10 favorite movies ever. I guess Mr Luhrmann has the same feeling about romance and love as I do, which make his movies (almost!) all so relatable and magical to me.

I still have to see Strictly Ballroom and Australia though.. Plus I have not seen any of his shorts. But there is something new I have to watch first: The Get Down. It was released on Netflix about a week ago, and I am so curious! I think I am going to love it, cause it is a cool topic: 70’s/80’s Bronx, hood life, and something non white, which is awesome too.

I have specifically tried not to read anything about it yet, cause often the amazing brain of Luhrmann gets understood (I mean, all that hate on Gatsby, it was freaking amazing!), and in general I do not like to know anyones opinion about something before I have seen it myself, unless someone is sooo enthousiastic that they cannot help but tell me about it of course. I also do not like to know too much about a movie or series before I start watching actually, so I often do not watch new trailers, unless they are really something EVERYONE speaks about (and when I sit in the cinema of course, then they inspire me to check out new movies).

Anyway, I still haven’t watched The Get Down, which has multiple reasons. One is Gamescom and IFA coming up, one is the break up I have finally told you guys about, but mostly it is because I want to watch this show with my full attention. I want to hear every word they say, every look in an eye, every detail, cause I know Luhrmann works on those kinds of things really hard and I just want to smother myself in this cool disco-y world that he has tried to recreate. If that is even proper English.

Anyway, I really look forward to watching this show, I hope it will get a second season (yep, already hoping for it! 😉 ) and I hope even more that I will have some time soon, some me-time, to start watching and loving. I will, of course, blog about it when I am ready. 🙂

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