The Secret Life of Pets should’ve stayed a short

You might not know what The Secret Life of Pets is, but when I tell you about that little short video that everybody shared at Facebook at one point, you will know. So in this short you saw all these animated pets that were partying or being totally neurotic while their owners were gone. Especially the Dachshund with the mixer thingie is famous from that short.

So I went to see the whole movie, which is actually called The Secret Life of Pets. I already thought it would be bad, because the short was so much fun, a full movie would never be able to be as good the whole time. But I did also not expect it would be as bad as it was. As a cat lady and overall animal enthusiast, I was flabbergasted by how I thought nothing was really funny. Sure, the bad ass bunny that was super fluffy was adorable, and there was one moment I laughed even though I can’t remember it anymore, but it was just too easy.

Nothing was surprising, it was just so cliche. But yet a few people behind me in the cinema were laughing their buts off, they thought it was hilarious, which was a surprise after all πŸ˜‰ It was a cute movie, sure, and it also had a cast full of awesome people like Jenny Slate, Elly Kemper and Lake Bell, but it just wasn’t very suitable for adults, it was more a children’s movie.

Now you might think: aren’t all animated movies children’s movies? Absolutely not! Watch Finding Nemo, watch Despicable Me, watch the freaking amazing Song of the Sea… they are all genius in their own way, but mostly because they speak to both kids and adults. The Secret Life of Pets didn’t really, and that is too bad, cause the characters were very endearing.

I think I am just gonna go back to my own real pets, that probably just sleep all day when I’m gone πŸ˜‰

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