I have a major crush on Freek Vonk

I have a major crush on Freek Vonk, this biological scientist who studies animals of all kinds, and evolution especially. Freek Vonk is a very typical Dutch guy (not that that is why I love him by the way haha): he is super tall, pretty huge and he talks direct and very loud. He is enthusiastic like Steve Irwin, and he will sometimes bring small animals into the tv studio of this big Dutch show called De Wereld Draait Door. And no matter if the presenter is acting or not: he is often scared of the snakes Freek brings, and that is really funny.

So I have a major crush on animal lover Freek Vonk, but it is okay cause my boyfriend knows all about it. Freek is on television even more lately, cause he does this ad campaign for the company I work for. Something with dinosaurs and VR, it is pretty rad actually. But I mostly check it out because there are holograms of Freek in it, not because I am dying to know more about dinosaurs (cause I do know a lot already!), hihi. Secretly I was hoping he would stop by the office, which apparently sometimes happens, but I am not sure if he would be interested in getting a big hug while doing business 😉

I like him so much because he is exactly what The Netherlands needs: a guy that explains more about animals, while trying to save them, and gets people inspired to lend a hand too! Freek is a super smart guy, he is handsome and he is very funny. He does not take himself too seriously, though the ‘LuckyTV’ parody version of him does, hihi (this is my favorite LuckyTV video, it is in Dutch, but it is hilarious!). I like how he informs kids about animals, I am totally jealous of his amazing travels, and I simply really look up to him. Not many people have established what he did.

So, keep your eye out for Freek Vonk, though he is pretty Dutch oriented, cause he is totally worth checking out. And Freek, keep up the good work, we need you! ❤

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