Alicia Keys is doing the right thing

When my best friend made me watch Fallin’ by Alicia Keys on MTV for the first time, I immediately fell in love with this woman and her piano RnB. I loved her look too, the braids and the combination of bright eye shadow and a smokey eye, gorgeous. But, now Alicia Keys has decided to no longer wear makeup, and this is global news.

I get why this is global news; there is not a lot of crazy stuff happening to talk about right now, and many people -especially famous ones- feel like Alicia Keys is attacking THEM for making the very personal choice to not wear any makeup anymore, herself. See what I did there? I made it about her, instead of about makeup, and more people should do that.

Of course we should celebrate women that show their true colors without having to use any makeup, but if you are more comfortable with it, then please go ahead and wear it! As a person with trichotillomania I do not really have the opportunity too often to walk around with no makeup, looking natural, because missing rows of eyelashes simply does not look very natural, people might even think I am sick! So, I never walk out the door without wearing any makeup.

But, if you are as gorgeous as Alicia Keys, you totally should, and secretly every woman is gorgeous so just go for it. Though I am not the biggest fan of the latest albums of Alicia, she still is one of the true RnB artists to me. She is talented, she has a beautiful voice and her lyrics are great too. Heartfelt songs, especially on her first three or four albums. Sometimes jazzy, sometimes hip hoppy, sometimes a slow jam; Alicia can do it all.

And you know what, she can also do all of that without wearing any makeup, and still shine like the brightest star you have ever seen.

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