Spotlight made me so happy

This might be a bit odd to say, as Spotlight definitely is not about any happy subjects, but the movie Spotlight really made me feel very upbeat. Spotlight is a movie by director Tom McCarthy (Up, 2012, Meet the Parents >> interesting list…) and it is about a Boston news paper that uncovered the story of priests that molested little kids. Sadly it is based on a true story, although it is not all sadness: it was excellent work by the Spotlight team of the newspaper. I can only imagine the rush they must have felt when it all seemed to work out just as planned.

Let’s stress just once more how darn depressing this subject is: ‘godly’ persons that mix stuff up so badly that they molest little kids. It is so odd how just one touch of a body can become a lifetime of trauma. Even if it is not a person you know so well, that you feel is so close to ‘God’, it just does something to a person. It has happened to many of us, but in the extent of the Spotlight story, that is just remarkable. It was not just Boston, it was the whole world and no one spoke up or got through as the church is so powerful in so many places.

Why did I feel so good about this movie then? Because of the journalism. You might not know this, but I have studied journalism, so I am a bachelor of journalism or communication or whatevs. If I would not have a laptop to type articles on, I would as well be dead, that is how much writing means to me. It is something I live for. Not just because I like typing my opinion, cause I also love interviewing people, learning new things and make sure to communicate a story as well as I can to my audience.

To see those guys at the Boston Globe work was amazing. Especially Mark Ruffalo (an actor I did totally not appreciate at all, until I totally fell for his qualities in The Normal Heart which I absolutely recommend by the way), his character is amazing. The way he runs from place to place when he is unwinding the truth, is so great. And the scene in which he kinda breaks, or is so keen on getting the story out, feels so real, it is breathtakingly beautiful. That drive, is very recognizable, even though I do not get to do as much with it as I would have wanted.

In a way it makes me sad, thinking about how journalism has changed soo much over the years. I mean, a whole team of journalists that is just researching a story for a year? Haha, that is something I cannot even imagine, research is something researchers in labs do, journalists do not have time for that these days. But you know what, let’s focus on what is so positive about this incredible movie. That drive, that relentless work ethic of the journalists in this case, it is so admirable and at the same time I know I would do exactly the same thing, although I am even more anxious and impatient as Mr Ruffalo’s character, hihi. Watch this movie, and enjoy it people. You will probably get to love journalism just as much as I do!

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