Travel Report – a Mini-Cruise to Newcastle Part III

So the last part of my Travel Report of a Mini-Cruise to Newcastle: the trip home. At five o clock we were back on the boat, and we were not really sure where and what to eat. Plus, boyfriend thought the idea of just getting booze and attend the bingo super drunk not very hot, so we were not doing that. He might have decided that because on our way to Newcastle there was a British bloke puking very loudly next to our hut, and saying he was going to SMASH UP THE PLACE !

I do not know what kind of Hulk type drunkness this guy had, but it was pretty funny to me and it did not take too long so I was not annoyed by it. Anyway, on the way back we were decided what to eat, and that was not easy. As we had already spend a big amount on food over the last two days, I thought it would be okay to just grab a pizza. But that was before I noticed that grabbing a pizza that was 19 euros a piece. What the heck?! Am I so Dutch or is this really insane? It is just dough and stuff on it, right? Anyway, so we decided to throw our worries overboard (haha, see the pun there?) and we went for the MOST EXPENSIVE BUFFET EVER!


My boyfriend wouldn’t even let me call it ‘all you can eat’ because that did not sound as fancy as ‘buffet’. It was at the 7 Seas restaurant and even though I am slightly unhappy with buffets usually, this one was really good. The food was of an amazing quality and there were many things there that I absolutely loved. Not very vegetarian, so I ate a lot of meat which my body is now punishing me for. Anyway, the food was really nice and we had a lovely little dinner on our mini-cruise!

After dinner, again we were looking for some comfy chairs and when we had found them, we watched a documentary about Scientology which was very interesting. It did not take too long for me to be tired again (I am tired an awful lot, unfortunately..) so after I took a shower in our cabin we watched the rest together in my part of our bunk bed, which was very nice and cozy. ❤

After that we had a very good night of sleep, and the boat hardly rocked. I can imagine a trip like this would be awful if the weather is bad. I did take anti sea sick pills (if thats what people call them), but on the way there it actually made me more nauseous to have taken the pill than to be on the boat without the pill, hihi. So on the way back I did not use anything and that was a good decision. But again, I am not sure how my body would cope with a mini-cruise during storm, so if we ever go again, I would definitely try to go in springtime like we did this time.

And I must say I really would like to go again. May be stay in Newcastle a few days and then head back, because those five hours give a nice taste of the beautiful city, but simply not enough to really feel like I have truly experienced everything Newcastle has to offer. I was way too busy shopping for that 😉 Though I did see that the M&S building had something pretty cool going on on the side of it, hihi. I would really recommend people to take a mini-cruise, even though you will have to spend a lot of money and you will need to not worry about the time, cause it takes an awful lot of time to get off the boat.


It is a really nice way of having a weekend away, and Newcastle seems like a city that offers a lot of entertainment for a big variety of people. And those three comic stores, I still can’t believe how cool that is!

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