Beyond The Lights is better than The Bodyguard

In these months I always love watching movies. I follow all the award shows and I try to make my boyfriend watch all the nominees. When you watch a movie that was nominated for an Academy Award, you know you are going to watch something worth your time. Even when it is a movie that you will dislike because it might be too experimental for your taste, or too indie-ish, usually the Academy Award noms really stick with you, right?

Well, this blog is not about a movie like that. Ha! I just wanted to point out that some movies are generally considered to be amazing. And then there are movies that other people do not really like, but you might still fall in love with. To me Beyond The Lights is a movie like that. It is a romantic/drama kind of film from 2014, about a extremely hot pop star girl that tries to kill herself, but is saved by this super handsome policeman.

Does this already sound a bit Bodyguard-y to you? That might be right, cause this movie has a lot of similarities with that very great Whitney Houston-flick. However, there are a few huge differences too. First of all, the ‘Romeo’ in this story is a superhot guy instead of Kevin Costner (sorry, Kev, loved you in The Company Men though!). But, secondly, and more importantly: the director is a woman. Which I did not know before I started watching this flick, but I really was convinced it was a woman when I saw how the sex scene was shot. It was almost exactly like I would shoot a sex scene, if I was a director.

Gina Prince-Bythewood is the lady that made this movie possible, and she did an amazing job. Which is actually not that surprising, as she was also the helmer of Love and Basketball, a movie that I still have not watched (stupid me!) even though it has been recommended to me one million times by my high school friend Marina. Sure, the story is not genius, but the way Noni (Gugu Mbatha Raw from Concussion) and Kaz (played by Nate Parker from Non Stop) interact with each other, is just a dream. They are so adorable together, and their relationship is very understandable, even though it has a bit of fairytale magic it too.

You know what’s funny? When checking some facts about this movie while writing this blog, I found out that Beyond The Lights actually was nominated for an Oscar! It was the one for the most original song, but still.. Anyway, it is a movie that might not blow away everybody, but it really spoke to my heart, it was so sweet, even though my boyfriend really wanted someone to get shot very badly, Gina really did a good job at making it easy for me to zone that shit out 😉

I do not want to further elaborate on this movie too much, you should really just see it for yourself, enjoy the romance, sit on cloud 9 with them for a little while and come down back to earth when the credits come rolling in. Enjoy!

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