Review: Tony’s Chocolonely puur 51% pecan kokos

Tony’s Chocolonely is one of the best Dutch chocolate brands of the last decade. There are many reasons to say this. First of all, Tony’s Chocolonely is a chocolate bar that treats the cocoa farmers very well. From start to finish, you know that a Tony’s Chocolonely bar is made slavery-free, and the farmers get paid a good amount for their beans.

Secondly, Tony’s Chocolonely is very recognizable in the store. All bars have huge comicy letters on them, saying: TONY’S CHOCOLONELY with the flavour. Every flavour has it’s own color scheme, so it is very easy to see if there are new flavours in store: very clever! And third: they are very experimental. It is not just like it used to be in Dutch stores: white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate and dark chocolate. They put awesome things in their bars, like marshmallows and pecan nuts, caramel and sea salt and the bar that I am trying out today: dark chocolate with pecan nuts and coconut.


What I also like about Tony’s  Chocolonely, is that the wrappings are normal paper and the bars are pretty thick. It really is a very nice shape, lovely to hold, to open and to enjoy. The bar itself has these ‘cracks’ to make it break very unevenly (which is fine with me, as long as I get the biggest pieces hihi), and overall it is pretty easy to break this chocolate, a lot easier than a normal square bar.

Let me be clear, I love all types of chocolate. I prefer chocolate that contains actual cacao, but I can appreciate some white chocolate sometimes too. I also absolutely love coconut: Malibu has been my favorite drink throughout my full teen years and I simply love the smell, the taste and often the texture too. Pecans are fine too, I am more a fan of walnuts because I feel they have a more distinguished taste, but pecans are okay.


But, the fact that pecans are not the strongest tasting nuts in the world, is a disappointment in this bar. The dark chocolate is so strong that it overrules the coconut and pecan. There is a hint of coconut in the aftertaste of this bar, but furthermore it is just as if it is only dark chocolate. The texture is good, it is nice and strong chocolate (Dutch people love that), but the special flavour in this bar, is simply not really there. Too bad Tony’s, but thankfully I love your other bars so much that I will happily stick to those.

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