Nail Polish Review – Anny Love Is All We Need

So as I have my new job and I am trying really hard to become a bit more girlier, haha, I bought this very adorable nail polish. It is called Love Is All We Need from the brand Anny. It is a set, and I am assuming it was a limited edition for Valentine’s Day, but it includes the following nail polishes: 088.50 My Name Is Red and 600 Kisses For You.

In case people are not sure what Kisses For You is, Anny lets us know on the bottle that this is ‘lovely heart top coat’. Reading from the packaging, you can use these two colors three ways: just red, just the hearts or both. As I like to go crazy, I was going to do both, which is not as easy as it sounds.

It is very hard to apply the Kisses For You nail polish, because the white hearts are slightly too big and heavy to stick to the brush. Very challenging, it took me about ten minutes to get three white hearts out! That is a bit frustrating, but it is not a real dealbreaker to me, because the little white and red spots that are also in that tiny bottle, are also very festive on your red nails. It is a very cool look, no matter if you get a heart or you don’t.

What I also really love about this nail polish, is how quickly it dries. I expected this nail polish to be a bit rubbish, as it was only eight euros for the set of two bottles, but it is good. You do not have to wait for one hour to start using your hands again, because the nail polish is dry in a matter of minutes (maybe even seconds!).

I thought it would probably be so hard that it would chip off easily, but even that is not the case, I was wearing Rimmel Pro polish the days before, and that chipped off within 24 hours (even though it promises to stay on for two weeks, what the?!), but this cheap stuff from Anny has been on my nails perfectly for a few days now.

I really like how the colors go together and the result is very lovely, even though I am not the best at applying nail polish as I hardly ever did it before. I do think the white hearts could have been a tiny bit smaller, to make them fit the nail better and to actually go on the brush more easily, but other than that I was very surprised by the quality of this nail polish and the great look it gives my usually so ugly nails. 🙂

Disclaimer: I have bought this nail polish from my own money, on my own initiative. 

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