Review – Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Bombs are not cool, unless you can use them to make your bath totally awesome (without having it explode). The Golden Wonder Bath Bomb should really be called a bomb, because as soon as it gets into a nice bath full of hot water, it starts dissolving so quickly that in about half a minute your bath is done (and looking totally awesome).

But let’s take it back to the start: I got this huge bath bomb from Santa, who gave me the ’12 Days of Christmas’-giftbox from Lush just before Christmas. A very sweet gift, as Christmas 2015 was one of the first Christmasses that simply did not make me feel that Christmassy. I was actually a bit sad and down, especially for that time of year, in which I am usually pretty much unstoppably upbeat (if that is a thing..). Anyway, the end of 2015 was not a good one for me, although I do not really know why exactly.

So the Lush giftbox came as a lovely surprise. It has all these little parts in which there are Lush products. For example two shower gels, a body lotion and the rest of it pretty much is all bath stuff. Great, because even though I am a bit too impatient for them, I love take a nice bath to be more relaxed. So, let’s get to the point here: one of the first things from this 12 Days of Christmas box that I am using is the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb.

It is big, pretty heavy and it looks golden with white, all in the shape of a gift. It is adorable to see, but even better to watch when in the bath. As mentioned before it is like an explosion as soon as it touches the water. Do not take that too literal, it is just an expression meaning it does not take very long for it to make your whole bath a Lush bath. It also does not take very long for it to show its magic. The clear water soon started cloudying up with green and blue colors, and there was this oily kind of layer of gold on the surface of the water. Very fancy.

Soon the scent of the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb was filling up my bathroom with loveliness. It smells like lemon, but it still has that Lush magic smell I like to call it, which is so distinct and yet I can’t ever put my finger on it what it is. Whatever, the main point is that this bath bomb has a lemon smell, without being too lemony. It just smells like a good mix of fragrances and especially when you are in the bath, so close to the water (with your nose, as the rest of the body should be in the water as much as possible 😉 ) it is really good.

And when you get close to the very blue water, you will probably then discover that the golden oil that was on the water, now seems to have turned into little golden glitters all over the water, accompanied by a few golden stars. Very amazing, and very beautiful. I really did not expect to experience this all as the bath bomb does not look that spectacular. To be fair though, it did leave some golden dirt in the bath when the water was draining, so make sure to rinse your bathtub thoroughly after using this particular bomb.

But that is the only remark I have, because this bath bomb is spectacular! And I like the surprise element especially because if I would have gone to Lush myself, I might not have picked it up because it does not look crazy enough for my taste. And I would have totally missed out this opportunity of making my bath green and blue with golden glitters and stars! It is really something, I would definitely recommend this Bath Bomb, as it is the cutest gift to give, especially when you just give one bath bomb (they are quite pricey) this is a very awesome surprise.

Disclaimer: I have received this bath bomb as a gift from my boyfriend, and I review it on my own initiative. 

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