Once I was eleven years old…

I really dislike party music. You might not expect this from a girl that loves Beyonce, and yes there are a few happy songs that I actually do like, but I am usually drawn to darker, depressing, sad songs. Doesn’t that make me sound like a fun person to hang around with? 😉

There are a few songs though, that are a bit ‘fake depressed’ to me. I cannot put my finger on it why I feel that way, but for example Gary Jules – Mad World and Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts. I like the songs, I do sing along, but they do not feel sincere to me. This is not the fault of the singer, I think it’s the lyrics or the fact that these songs get so mainstream so fast that make me not fall in love with them directly, even though I am drawn to these sad songs.

One song I am currently obsessed with is 7 Years by Lukas Graham, which honestly is a little bit like the two songs I mentioned above. That being sa(i)d, there are a few things in the song that sound so real to me, that I just cannot stop listening to it. May be it is the particular way in which Lukas sings it, I do not know, it just sounds real to me, even though the video is simply too much and there are a few things in the lyrics that do not speak to me as much (my woman brought children for me, scuse me?).

You might think: who the hell is this guy, Lukas Graham? Well, I thought exactly the same thing and to be honest I do not particularly love his other songs yet. It is just this 7 Years-one that has gotten to me. I have thought long and hard what makes me love this song so much, especially as it is far from perfect. Maybe it’s because this guy is singing “soon I’ll be 30 years old”, which really speaks to me as my next age milestone would be 30 too. May be it’s the way in which he addresses so beautifully how not all friendships will last and that’s okay: “And some I had to leave behind, my brother I’m still sorry”.

I love the build up of the song, how it is quite the same everytime, but yet the intensity of Lukas’ singing gets higher and higher. You know what you can expect, but the lyrics are different everytime which makes it interesting to listen to. Plus, what Lukas does with his voice, making it flow so perfectly with the music, it is amazing. The lyrics are full of cliche’s, but they are true. The lyrics are also full of good advice and realness, and that is probably a big part of what makes this song so great.

And that could very well be the thing that I do not like about some songs: they present cliches and they show that cliches are true. That makes me feel a bit anxious as if life has no surprises, it is just a path already walked by millions of people. So in a sense, this makes me feel very small and I don’t like it. And the realisation of this is pretty funny. Cause it seems that the songs that I would call ‘fake sad’, are actually extremely ‘real’ sad. 😛

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